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Goo Tsai and Rui Er face tight and stand upright in front of me. Feng Er’s face is heavy. The white fox squints his red and amber eyes and looks at the villa in the white clouds. The little dance stands upright in front of me.

A glance at Goo Tsai and Ruier Feng, two eggs and a white fox and a little dance will take my eyes off. I hope we can all be together after the confrontation in the white clouds.
It didn’t take me long to wait. Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming also came to pay their respects.
After getting together, White Fox took the lead.
The white fox stood on my shoulder and began to overflow from my mouth. With a faint fragrance, the white fog went straight to the villa in the white clouds.
The white fox began to respond, and at the first moment, I closed my sense of smell as agreed.
I saw the white fog instantly enveloped the villa in the white clouds, and the evil brothers in the villa in the white clouds fainted in succession.
The white fox began to respond. At the first time, I released the red rope around my neck, and the jade card demonized the beasts, so that the beasts took the woodcarvings I carved and surrounded the whole villa.
When the villains fell to the ground, the demonized beasts also returned to their respective places.
Feng Er-dan and Goo-tsai left Feng Er-dan waiting for my command to make up the array at any time and then sit in the array. While Goo-tsai was waiting, Feng Er-dan gave a ghost force to our party to blas into the villa.
I can be invisible. I saw that when white fog enveloped the villa, my face suddenly changed in the white clouds in the Dojo.
In the white clouds, Yinzhi got up from her seat and threw her hand. The baby girl with semi-yin constitution came out of the villa from the Dojo.
I, Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming, mourn for Wu, and Rui Er and Xiao Dance blas into the villa courtyard, and the white clouds just blas out of the villa.
When I saw Rui Er and I appeared in the white clouds, I immediately exported the enchantment and tried to imprison the enchantment in the white clouds before calling out the ghost owl.
I can’t make a wider boundary with my bare hands, but if I enter my boundary in the white clouds, my boundary will surely be able to imprison the white clouds for a while.
Every minute counts against the moment, and that moment may cause death in the white clouds on the spot.
Enchantment blink of an eye will arrive in the white clouds, but the reaction speed in the white clouds is amazing
In the white clouds, the instant red light protector easily bounces a few feet high and flashes away from the barrier.
Ruier and I shot at the same time, Dan Tai
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Glass and Xie Yiming’s mourning for Wu also attacked the white clouds.
The black machete instantly appears from the hand of Dan Tai glass. The black machete automatically hangs and cuts into the white clouds. There is a black streamer full of dead air and shaqi, which rushes out from the blade of the black machete and goes straight to the body in the white clouds.
Dan Tai glass holds a bloody whip in his hand and draws it to the position of his body in the white clouds.
I noticed that the spurt from the bloody whip was not the usual death and suffocation, but the vitality and murderous look.
Xie Yiming’s wrist black long rope took off his wrist and went straight to the body in the white clouds. Xie Yiming’s right palm then burst into the extreme spiritual force, which went straight to the direction in the white clouds.
Wu Mourning took out a black flute from his pocket, put it on his lips and blew it. As Wu Mourning moved ghosts, they swarmed in.
At the moment when the red light in the white clouds lifted, Dan Tai Li’s bloody whip attack first arrived around the white clouds, and the red light in the white clouds instantly dissipated.
Xie Yiming’s black long rope quickly wrapped around the neck of Baiyun, and his right palm psychic attack and Dan Tai glass black machete attack hit Baiyun’s body at the same time.
White clouds spew out a mouthful of blood, and then the body is protected by red light. At the same time, the square objects are taken out of the market tripod, which instantly evokes the ghost owl Chi Jin.
When the ghost owl comes out of this border, it’s cold. Many ghost owls wrap the black long rope around the neck in the white clouds and it bounces off immediately.
The ghosts who came to pounce on the white clouds after being greeted by Wu Mourning were all past, and a ghost owl was flapping its wings.
The war is less than three seconds now.
The enchantment was not trapped in the white clouds, so I immediately closed the enchantment and then formed the body, and the inspired force attacked the white clouds.
When I attacked, the ghost owl had already appeared. Before my attack reached the white clouds, the ghost owl stopped in front of them.
The ghost owl blocked me from attacking in the white clouds, and then she was unstable and screamed and jumped at me.
Lying in a big slot and seeing the ghost owl pouncing on me, I couldn’t help cursing a handful of Rui Er’s instant income Yin Zhu and contacting Feng Er’s eggs in an instant array.
Tonight, the disposal method specializes in playing against the ghost owl.
Ghost owl came at my body, maser retreated, and then attacked the ghost owl Dan Tai Li and Xie Yiming immediately to stop the ghost owl.
Wu Mourning is to stay away from my side and continue to play the black flute. Black note-like fog appears from the flute, and all the black notes rush into the white clouds.
Ghost owl, Dan Tai Li Xie Yiming and I joined forces to fight and pounced on me.
It’s just that the ghost owl’s body stagnated for a while.
There’s something congenial in it, and it’s been forcibly pulled out of the body of the Ghost Owl, who’s screaming and running around in the array, temporarily ignoring attacking our party and protecting the white clouds.
Mourning the black notes rushed to the white clouds, and the black notes touched the red light of the protector in the white clouds, and the red light of the protector immediately collapsed.
In the white clouds, the red light of the square object was immediately filled with red light, which reflected the villa courtyard with blood red.
The big red light made the black notes instantly fragmented, and the black flute broke off, and the body was bounced off the array.
Ghost owl can’t take care of him for a while, and Dan Tai Li Xie Yiming and I will work together to deal with the white clouds again
Grasping the square object in the white clouds, and shooting out from the square object, full of ghostly black paint gas against me and Dan Tai Li Xie Yiming.
Dan Tai Li, Xie Yiming and I are at loggerheads with the white clouds.
Dan Tai Lili’s bloody whip attacks Baiyun, although it can weaken the protective red light in Baiyun every time, but it can’t defeat the protective red light.
Xie Yiming’s long black rope suddenly became longer, and surrounded the white clouds. The red light of the protector couldn’t stop hovering, and it tightened as the red light of the protector in the white clouds weakened and widened as the red light soared.
Small dance winding black long rope surface spirit force and black long rope spirit force meet together, and the figure changes with the change of black long rope.
Since the latent power of the body was aroused, I focused on stimulating more latent power and didn’t benefit that power.
Tonight is the first time that the body has been aroused.
I’m sad to find that the strength of my body has been left after being stimulated twice.
Attack the remaining forces into the white clouds, and I began to attack the middle of the white clouds with a sharp streamer, and I searched for the opportunity of enchantment.
The sudden flash in the villa in the white clouds doesn’t give me a chance to be trapped by the array and the enchantment.
This situation makes me feel uneasy. At this moment, we have no chance to kill Baiyun until the ghost owl comes to help us.
At different times of confrontation, I clearly felt that the latent power would appear automatically in my abdomen, but it was that the latent power appeared continuously.
At this time, I was always in a small village in Zi Shan, but my grandmother and I were invisible. The paper men actually saw my heart missing my father.
At this moment, I am always looking forward to my father’s return. I can’t tell you the taste in my heart.
Force against the white clouds, I stare at me through the invisible paper man, and I always return to my father
Dad was lonely in the courtyard, and his ghostly attendants lowered their hands to stand beside him. Dad’s temples were already white and his eyes were full of emotions.