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Zhao Qinhua’s loud voice was heard by his family.

Chen directly fell to the ground. How is that possible?
It will be updated as soon as it enters V, maybe at noon.
The swastika falls to see the fairy.
Ah, how can I put it? I feel very sad every time I get here.
I also deliberately turned over what I wrote when I entered V for the second time. This is my third place in Jinjiang. I am really a little excited, but I am still worried that I will constantly doubt and deny that I am always staring at my brain and afraid of all kinds of problems.
But it’s true that I can walk past it calmly. This is something I haven’t tried to see. My little angels all know that my hostess is rushing to protect my family. This time, it’s quite … (Shu) Hahahahahahaha.
Don’t talk nonsense about me. I always thank you for your support. Without your support, steamed buns can’t go now. I really love you so much. I have to say it. Come on, duck.
The name of steamed buns on the roof under the pen name S is very simple. I think it is a foolish idea to sit on the roof and eat steamed buns. Just forget it. Remember to be happy every day.
Chapter 24 Good News (Insect Caught) (Wan Zi Da Zhang)
Yuechuan wants to hide things, because Zhao Qinhua knows everything.
Li Yuee hurried over to help her mother-in-law.
Yuechuan some nai "is just missing, people haven’t found it yet, and there is still great hope." He can comfort him so much, but the driver is also missing, and everything is hard to say.
Yao Shangqing forced herself to calm down. The missing person hasn’t been found yet, which means there is hope. She insisted on supporting herself.
Chen Yuanyuan can feel that Yao Shang, who is holding his hand, has a great ups and downs. This is the same as her dream a few days ago, but she can feel that Dad has no accident and he will come back.
Li Yuee hurried over to help her mother-in-law.
The Chen family is a complete mess.
Yue-e Li helped Chen lie on the bed.
Yao Shangqing sent Yue Chuancai away and gave the Chen family gate.
Chen Shaoyuan is seven years old. He knows what happened and sits still with his two younger brothers.
Chen Youliang squatted at the door of a main room with his hands in his arms and Zhao Qinhua sat on a bench in a main room.
Yao Shangqing hug Chen Yuanyuan sitting next to the bed chair.
Yue-e Li sat beside the bed, while Chen Yougang sat beside him without saying a word.
Chen Dayu and Chen Xiaoyu also stayed in silence.
Zhao Qinhua looked at the house, then at her mother-in-law with a wet towel on her forehead.
"Mom, what happened to you? Is it better? " She spoke first. This happened. There must be a solution.
Chen Lailai closed his eyes and opened them, indicating that Yue-e Li took off the towel.
"What do you want to say?"
Zhao Qinhua swallowed, "If the old mother can’t come back, will our family get a share?"
Chen Youliang squatted at the door and suddenly got up. "You crazy bitch, what are you talking about?"
Zhao Qinhua plops plops in her heart. If there is no third child, then no one will earn money. Then she can earn some centimeters after her separation, and then she can support herself at home. If she doesn’t leave home, how many mouths will she have? It’s all boys and girls plus a wild girl who doesn’t know who.
"I’m telling the truth. What do you expect to support the trinity? Three little girls and a wild girl. Tell me you can support them."
Chen Youliang is dumb and can’t talk. His eyes are red and he can’t say a word.
Yue-e Li is also a bit of a career in her heart, but she turns to look at the third child and keeps three children and one daughter, and thinks that when she is sick, the third child can’t bear to pay for it, although she also wants the two children to fight for some real findings, and it’s nothing. Besides, the third child and the second child are both real people.
Yao Shangqing first covered Chen Yuanyuan’s ear when he heard Zhao Qinhua’s words.
Chen Yuanyuan really heard what uncle Niang said. She knows that she is not a Chen family member, but her mother, father and brother are very kind to her. Then she is a Chen family member.
"Mom and dad are fine," Chen Yuanyuan said to Yao Shangqing with a small hand clutching his ear and a big hand upturned his head.
Yao Shangqing didn’t drop a tear when he knew the news. He was made to cry by this sentence.
Everyone else is sensible as Yuanyuan, but Chen’s bed is like finding the backbone. There is nothing in her home. It must be nothing. I thought about it and I was just too anxious. This will be all my strength. I pushed my second daughter-in-law away and prepared to wear a bed.
Li Yuee quickly stopped "Mom, are you healthy?"
Chen slapped away Yue-e Li’s hand, saying, "I’m fine, you don’t care about me." He put on his shoes and walked from the back room to the main hall.
Zhao Qinhua was startled at the sight of her mother-in-law, but she still pretended to be calm.
Chen walked past Zhao Qinhua without looking at her eyes. She went straight to the main room and sat quietly.
"eldest daughter-in-law, do you want to split up?"
Zhao Qinhua, who was named, shivered "I want to split up with me"
Chen nodded. "Do you want to separate the second family?"
Chen Yougang always wants to do something strange, but now the times don’t allow him to do it, so everyone in the village thinks that he is idle, but he still has his own attitude towards the third thing.
"Mom, I’m not separated. The third child is good for us."
Chen nodded. "Well, in that case, let’s divide the old people out."
Chen Youliang almost plopped down on his knees when he heard his mother’s words. "You can rest assured that I am in charge of our family."
Zhao Qinhua was happy when she thought that she could finally live her own life. "Mom, we promised, we promised." Then she looked at Chen Youliang. "If you don’t leave home, who can eat enough dry centimeters in your field? Do you want to marry a daughter-in-law or get a room?"
Chen Youliang looked at his son, and he waited for many years to come back.
Chen’s eyes swept away and he knew what was going on. He simply waved his hand. "Eldest brother, you are not young, and you have three children. It’s time to start your own business. I don’t need you to take care of the third family. Let’s say that it’s better than good or bad, but we can’t blame you every day. Also take care of your family. Don’t throw your hands around all day."
Chen Youliang still felt a little wronged in his heart, but he didn’t speak again.