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"If you want to have a corpse Dan, you will be poor." The eyes in the white clouds are burning.
"Tibetan poems, then there should be a corpse Dan in the lines of the poem." Bai Linger seems to be interested.
"This poem is rich, and every word should be carefully scrutinized." Baiyun nodded.
"Master, I think we should really ask someone who specializes in poetry and prose for help. That will be of great benefit to us in finding the corpse Dan as soon as possible." Yang Yuanzhao suggested
"It’s not worth the loss if things are leaked out. It’s our own thinking." In Baiyun, Yang Yuanzhao proposed to directly veto the export.
"What? You weren’t the only one who saw the poem on the cave wall. There must be others. You may have turned to someone who specializes in poetry for help." Bai Linger curled her lips.
"At the beginning, I entered the secret place, but only a few dozen people died soon. Now I have more than two or three people with me." After glancing at Bai Linger in the white clouds, I took out a small book from my desk drawer.
I stared at the booklet and narrowed my eyes.
Pan-old pamphlets are covered with gum.
That booklet is the booklet that I found grandma’s name circled by a red pen on this office table after I did the Dojo for my cousin Wang Haowen’s wife.
After taking out the booklet in Baiyun, it didn’t open, but squeezed the rubber skin of the booklet. A stack of long strips of paper fell out of the joint between the spine of the booklet and the rubber skin, and the giant liver died.
When I opened the paper in the white clouds, I saw that there was nothing but ten names, and those ten names were exactly the same as those listed by former Jiang Yan Wang Feng.
Seven of the ten names were marked with a red cross, and a question mark was put next to grandma’s name. The names Baiyun Zhonghe and Jiang Yan were not marked with any special remarks.
Bai Linger gathered around the white clouds at this time and looked at the paper, while Yang Yuanzhao still sat where he was and did not get up and gather together.
"Are these all dead? Did he also go to the secret place? Which is she?" Bai Linger pointed out the names covered with red forks first, then pointed out Jiang Yan’s name and then ordered grandma’s name.
"These are the people who entered the secret place at the beginning. These are all dead. He and she are also members of the secret place. Her life and death are unknown." Bai Linger explained with a nod and a finger pointing at the name in Baiyun.
"How can life and death be unknown? It’s easy to find a person now. No, it’s not that you killed all these people. I’m afraid you’ll kill this one and remain anonymous." Bai Linger didn’t hide his sarcasm in her voice
"What nonsense are you talking about? They are far more valuable alive than dead. At least we can look for clues about the corpse Dan by monitoring them more." In the white clouds, he pushed his golden glasses on the bridge of his nose, his eyes were fleeting and his face was embarrassed.
"There is no stranger here who will hide." Bai Linger went back to her original seat and leaned back like a bone.
"Is there a cough?" There is a dry cough in the white clouds.
"Then why did you keep Jiang Yan? Wouldn’t it be more worrying if you didn’t get rid of it?" Bai Linger was not surprised at the answer in the white clouds
"Jiang Yan has no ambition. He needs to keep a lot." In the white clouds, he pointed his finger at Jiang Yan’s name on the desktop.
"Where" Bai Linger asked
"If this Li Rubing didn’t die, he would have joined Jiang Yan early and late," Baiyun replied.
"Oh, what about Jiang Yan and Li Rubing?" Bai Linger looked a little surprised.
"You young people say that Li Rubing is Jiang Yan’s dream lover, although Li Rubing has long been married and gave birth." The white clouds are sarcastic
"Since so spoony, why didn’t Jiang Yan and Li Rubing get together at the beginning?" Bai Linger frowned and glanced at Yang Yuanzhao and asked questions.
"It’s a long story. Simply put, I deliberately made a misunderstanding among them to make Li Rubing marry someone else in anger." I can’t say how disgusting it is to laugh in my eyes.
"Since it’s a misunderstanding, there’s always a way to solve it. Be careful when the time comes." Bai Linger picked her eyebrows and woke up in the white clouds
"No, Li Rubing is a stubborn Jiang Yan, and the misunderstanding between them is estimated to be unresolved in this life." Baiyun is very confident
"Be careful, if you do more wrong, you will kill yourself. Sometimes I wonder if you have returned to me for all your sins. The first time you were gang-raped and the second time you were possessed by a spectre, my experience was colorful enough." Bai Linger said, and began to laugh until the last laugh was suppressed.
Bai Linger’s words are ugly in the white clouds. Yang Yuanzhao clenched his fists and pursed his lips. His expression was distorted.
In the room, except for Bai Linger’s smile, there is half a noise.
"Linger is tired, let’s go home and rest together, OK?" After Bai Linger finally suppressed her smile, Yang Yuanzhao walked beside Bai Linger and squatted down.
"Good" Bai Linger stared at Yang Yuanzhao squatting beside her and nodded for a while.
Yang Yuanzhao and Bai Yunzhong respectfully left the Dojo with Bai Linger.
Bai Linger left our paper-cut paper men but did not leave the Dojo office in the white clouds.
I saw Bai Linger in the white clouds take off her gold-rimmed glasses, close her eyes and rub her temples against the back of the chair.
Not long after, there was a knock at the door outside the room, and in the white clouds, I opened my eyes and glanced at the door of the room before I came in with my glasses.
I noticed that my right eye looked abnormal just now when I took off my glasses in the white clouds, just like pretending to be an eye.
The door of the room should be pushed in from the outside. It’s Wu Xier
Wu Xier walked to the side of Baiyun with a charming smile and glanced at the white clouds. She sat on the desktop in front of Baiyun, holding hands in Baiyun and stroking her plump chest.
In Baiyun, instead of anxiously having sex with Wu Xier this time, he withdrew his hand and pushed Wu Xier away from his leg.
Wu Xier looked at a cloud and didn’t continue to pester Jiao. She smiled and walked to the tea table in the room and sat down.
"Who makes you unhappy again?" Wu Xier sat on the tea table with her legs crossed and her skirt full of scenery.
"Who else can be more and more presumptuous?" The calm face in the white clouds folded the unfolded paper on the desktop, stuffed it into the spine and rubber skin again, and locked the booklet into the drawer.
"Ah Zhong doesn’t need to be angry. At the end of the day, her bad temper is also used by you. This is not the godfather. Ah Zhong should first self-review." Wu Xier laughed and the cuttlefish fluttered, and her breasts trembled with her smile.
Chapter two hundred and seventeen Be vividly portrayed
white cloud
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I waved to Wu Xier’s eyes and began to change. Wu Xier approached a torn thin skirt and overwhelmed Wu Xier’s brain desk.
Wu Xier laughed dissolutely and cooperated with the white clouds, and the two opponents in the white clouds began to have sex.
Seeing this, I disconnected the paper-cut paper people’s union.
Just now, the news that the paper-cut paper man got made me feel uneasy.
Ten people have entered the secret place, and now there are Baiyun Zhonghe and Grandma Jiang Yan.
Baiyun intends to find grandma’s trace through Jiang Yan. Is this a dead body or is he still grandma’s old grudge?
Does grandma hide her name from the white clouds or does grandma have other people to be afraid of in the white clouds
When grandma marries someone in anger, this sentence means that Jiang Yan and grandma loved each other before.
It is said in the white clouds that he personally created grandma Jiang Yan’s misunderstanding. What was the misunderstanding that made grandma marry someone else in anger?
Has the misunderstanding between grandma and Jiang Yan been eliminated for a long time, or is the misunderstanding still resentful?
What I saw and heard today made me feel closer to some truth feelings in those days. What’s the answer? I still can’t see through the truth.