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"This is a little bit too much for the little monk."

Slightly headed gestured a PeiWenDe continue to look the same and said
"Enjoy wealth and endure poverty"
"It seems that the patroness is the real head of Zhujiajian!"
Although Pei Wende has lightened his tone as much as possible, Zhu Run still doesn’t look slightly changed.
"The Zen master has a bright eye. At present, the Zhujiajian family is really a little girl in charge."
Bowing their heads without trace, Zhu Run’s face at the moment added a little bitterness except Nai.
"In that case, the little monk won’t hide anything."
Tapping on the handle of the pig-killing knife, Pei Wende made sure that Aunt Zhu couldn’t hear her conversation before deliberately lowering the bass and asked
"Actually, from the beginning, I was surprised that a dozen people in Zhujiajian really opened up a hundred acres of fertile land in less than a year?"
Pei Wende came from the 21st century, but riff-raff has long let him integrate into the people of this era.
In particular, one hundred mu of fertile land was reclaimed at one time, and it was also reclaimed from mountain forests and wasteland. No one knows the difficulty better than him.
Even if it is mechanization in the 21st century, it is a huge project.
Not to mention that now this backward feudal country has gained a hundred acres of fertile land, which can make a slightly less tuanjie village completely break away.
"Now I think that the so-called’ Pig Demon’ is your card!"
Pei Wende was very sure when he said this sentence.
"If you can really tame a pig demon, it is indeed possible to cultivate a hundred acres of fertile land in less than a year."
In the face of Pei Wende’s remarks, Zhu Run did not open his mouth to refute.
It was her strange silence that made Pei Wende puzzled. He was disturbing the fact that it was not to silence the other party.
"Don’t worry, little monk, it’s still quite open. It’s not the kind of demon-removing wizard who indiscriminately."
Once again, he struck a handle. Pei Wende looked over Zhu Runwang to Zhao Yanwei, who was talking with Zhu Huaigu and Aunt Zhu in the room.
"Is that’ pig demon’ really your current husband?"
Say that finish this sentence PeiWenDe also don’t look at the pale without any blood Zhu Run but continue to bass said
"This is what I didn’t want to be white before …"
"What, you lost your daughter and suffered a demon disaster, but you never went to Jinshan Temple for help, even if it was a tentative visit?"
"On the contrary, your cook was so enthusiastic that she went to Jinshan Temple for help without telling you."
There was another pause. Pei Wende was in no hurry to listen to Zhu Run’s explanation because he had probably guessed the whole story.
"If Zhujiajian is your master in charge, your cook can explain it."
"After all, I have never met your grandfather. Maybe he is really an antique who values family reputation more than his granddaughter’s life?"
Pei Wende has seen too many beings in this world.
Don’t say that the "coffin incident" was just a stubborn old man poisoning his monster daughter-in-law and eventually brewing a tragedy.
"But you’re obviously not the kind of antique who won’t sit back and watch her daughter disappear because of her family reputation."
Pei Wende admitted that his earlier words were suspected of seduction, but it really made him understand Zhu Run’s character and family status.
"Then the question comes. What are you afraid of going to Jinshan Temple for help?"
Pei Wende now asked Zhu Run to go to Jinshan Temple to talk about the situation. He must have come to the mountain.
At that time, Zhao Yanwei’s identity as a "pig demon" will be exposed with great probability.
I’m afraid Zhu Run is well aware of this, so he has never asked for help and even made up a quite reasonable reason for it.
I’m afraid the only thing she didn’t expect was that Aunt Zhu would hide it from their family.
"One is a husband and the other is a daughter …"
"It’s cruel enough for you, a mother, to choose to give up your daughter to protect your husband."
Pei Wende’s words of killing people but not the first point fell into Zhu Runer’s ears and immediately made her lose all excuses.
"I … this is not what I want …"
Chapter 17 Outstanding Cases of Missing Persons
"I … this is not what I want …"
Force looked up Zhu Run looked at PeiWende with tears in his eyes, but he didn’t defend himself too much.
"That’s all! I’m not interested in your family affairs. "
Looking at Zhu Run’s sad expression, Pei Wende sighed just to test the other party.
He can feel the contradiction in Zhu Run’s heart. No one can practice any more. He knows how to hide his mood swings before Pei Wende.
"I’m here to look for your missing daughter at the request of your cook."
At this point, Pei Wende paused a little and then selectively skipped the topic.
"Is there anything you want to tell me about your daughter’s disappearance?"
Now that it has been determined that there are some mistakes and omissions in Aunt Zhu’s information, Pei Wende naturally wants to know the real situation of Zhujiajian.
At the very least, the statement that "Zhu Yiniang was abducted by the pig demon" has no credibility.
"Real … things are not as five elder sister imagined"
Awkward Zhang mouth silently dry tears Zhu Run low said
"I suspect that the orphan actually ran away from home by herself."
I have to say that Zhu Run’s remarks really caught Pei Wende off guard.
Because he thought about 10 thousand possibilities, he never thought that the missing person disappeared on his own initiative
But this can also explain why Zhu Run and his wife are so calm about Aunt Zhu’s disappearance.
"Where does this begin?"
Can’t help but ask Pei Wende to find that this little Zhujiajian hidden secret is really not so much.
"I don’t hide the fact that Zen master has something to do with my daughter’s life."
"Because the heiress is not my own daughter, but the Zhujiajian adopted daughter."
Looking at the surprised look on his face, Pei Wende Zhu Run kept the volume down as low as possible without hiding anything and said
"Now that the Zen master knows that my husband is not human, he should naturally know that he can’t continue the Zhujiajian incense."
"My father has quarreled with us more than once about this matter."
Zhao Yanwei is the son-in-law of Zhujiajian, and the position of Zhujiajian is probably not as good as that of some servants.
Especially when Zhujiajian was not down and out, Master Zhujiajian proposed to let Zhu Runyang have a face to continue Zhujiajian incense.
This absurd discussion naturally attracted Zhu Run’s strong opposition.
Zhu Run is not as strong as his sister Zhu Han, but he is not the kind of person who can be kneaded.
Because Zhao Yanwei didn’t mind that he was "cheated" at all since he was married to Zhu, it was a bit unreasonable for Zhu Runhao.