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Like water, I was busy putting away the multiplier and the black gourd fell in a flash.

"Sit tight and set off, followed by"
Like water, the boat was swept away by the ancient splendor, and the golden turtle Wu Zun smiled and read the spell. A black light flashed across the gourd and disappeared.
"Hold on or you’ll fall."
Wu Zun turned to frown and said, "Water is exquisite."
"Thank you, husband, I know."
Shui Linglong can hear Wu Zun’s mind. She can’t help but look happy. Her arms are tightly around his waist.
When Wu Zun stepped on the beetle’s head, he made a trick. The golden awn flashed and the beetle flew away as usual.
The black gourd is also unstable because of its extremely fast speed, like a dark moon. Gu Hui has to stretch out his arms and hug them in his arms.
I don’t know if it’s like water that has a good impression on Gu Hui or something. She was hugged by Gu Hui, but she didn’t resist it. Instead, she held out her jade hand and put it on Gu Hui’s shoulder. Except for the micro side of her chest, she stuck her face to face with a distance of a little five centimeters.
On the other side, the face in the dark moon and the half-fu Guhui’s arms is reddish, and his legs are restless and moving.
"We have to go to the misty abyss to pick someone up."
Gu Hui said
"Pick up who?"
Like water beautiful eyes staring at GuHui asked
"Xuan Tianji"
GuHui just a thoughtfully and said
"It turned out to be her. We still have her. She was taken away and can’t come back."
Like water nodded and said
"She is not only good, but also learning something amazing. Once it is started, it will turn into a pile of fly ash even if you fix it higher."
GuHui smiled and said
"Is there a killer in this world?"
Like water don’t understand asked
"The city with the fog abyss is"
"The next time you went to the misty abyss, the abyss Lord locked the magic stake and Xuantianji was brought into the city instead of it."
GuHui looked at nearly half an inch like water asked.
"Before the war, the Abyss Lord asked Xuan Tianji several questions, and the answers made her very satisfied, so she took her to the dark magic city, where she also carried a rebellious stigma."
Like water to think for a moment and said
"Ling Xue, the Lord of the Abyss, brought her into the city to solve something she has been solving."
"The great hall in our city saw her after the Lord left."
Gu Hui said
"It’s no wonder that when I took Obsidian Star Jun on fire and fell into the flying boat, I didn’t see that you originally went to the magic temple. Since you met Xuantianji, why didn’t you bring her out? ‘
Like water first a burst of suddenly and some don’t understand asked
"At that time, she was in the middle of a huge crystal ball. She said that the crystal ball city is closely related. According to the data, the city body is a big killer with destructive power. If the research is finally broken, it will have to start all over again."
Gu Hui said
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Floating city
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"Is that why she doesn’t go back to heaven?"
Like water, it seems to be coming. Interest asked
"This is the most important reason because she is a dancer and has emotional ties with Wu Zun God, but the jade emperor doesn’t like her, and it is even more impossible for her to agree that Wu Zun God married her. She wants to open up Wu Zun God and break up the relationship with her. Another reason is that more than half of the people in Huaqiong Palace, where she lives, were involved in the heavenly purges, and many of them were her good sisters. She was afraid that when she returned, the jade emperor would stay behind and told me not to remind anyone of her."
GuHui said with a sigh
"The jade emperor doesn’t like XuanTianJi things, and I’ve heard some of the most obvious things. When we went to the abyss, the three of them let XuanTianJi accompany them, but the Wu Zun God stayed.
When I went back, the jade emperor knew that Xuantianji didn’t come back, but sometimes I felt sorry for her. "
Like water, it’s a little low here
"I know you have a good heart, but I’ll see her soon."
GuHui said a rush. Fang Lu as forward.
The next day, several people came to a huge crack in the horizon, but they saw a huge dark city hovering there quietly.
The city is several miles in size, and the surface is covered with black gas and emits black light.
In front of the city stood a comely girl with colorful Xia clothes and high hair, when she saw the gourd, Gu Hui, moving in the morning.
"How’s the research?"
GuHui smiled to fly female asked.
"have mastered the nine female said.
"Nine points is very good. I believe that you will be able to control it soon."
Gu Hui urged the gourd to fly to the tower, put away the gourd, and the dark demon set up the city.
The god Wu Zun, who set foot on the mysterious turtle, also urged the mysterious turtle to fly over, and the water was exquisite and stood on the tower.
The woman in colorful clothes walked a circle along the tower with a bunch of people. Gu Hui indicated that the woman in colorful clothes began to cast spells. A glorious light beam hit a green ring on the roof of the tower, and she heard a loud noise of firm-tying, and the four corners of the city suddenly split left and right, and a pet thing rose out.
These spoiled things rose to the outside, and the woman in colorful clothes took a few people to look at the cold metal muzzle of Huang Dengdeng, which was extremely shocked except that Gu Hui’s face was still normal.
Dark Moon can’t help but move backward and dare not go forward.
"This beam gun’s 1000 bursts of destruction force is equivalent to Jin Xian and power."
Dressed woman explained to the people
"I am so powerful."
Vomitted to stick out the tongue at the same time, like water and exquisite. It’s hard to express my shock in my heart. To tell the truth, they’ve never seen a beam gun. They both happen to coincide and can’t help but touch it with their hands and talk quietly about it.
Wu Zun, the god, put all his attention on the woman in colorful clothes and stared at the lithe and graceful body for a long time.