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"Because it is" Gu old lady still that tone.

A round of the eyes Song Xiaoling mind a meter.
"Grandma, since my little uncle has found Danfu and both of them have been engaged for a long time, let them get married." In exchange for Gu’s eyes, Song Xiaoling quickly explained, "I mean, there have been so many things happening at home recently, and it’s my selfishness that the fire in the Song family destroyed all my relatives and left Danfu alone. I don’t trust that if she marries her uncle, we can take care of each other together. I believe that my father, brother and sister-in-law will certainly feel gratified."
Chapter sixty-three Finalize marriage
The next morning, Gu Qingqian appeared in the restaurant with Song Danfu.
Gu old lady Song Xiaoling is already in place, sitting at the table as if waiting for someone. Song Danfu consciously thinks that she is waiting for Gu Yanchen, and she and Gu Qing are not so attractive.
Butler behind gu old lady three eyes rested on two people just entered the restaurant.
I didn’t see Gu Yanchen Song Danfu quietly sigh a sigh of relief. I didn’t disturb people when I came to my family last night. I had to face Mrs. Gu and Song Xiaoling this morning. She felt a little uneasy in her heart and always felt that there was something hidden in their eyes when they looked at her.
Gu Qing shallow feel Song Danfu uneasy hold her soft hands tight Song Danfu side eyes look at him Gu Qing shallow slightly hook lips gave her a reassuring look, strange Song Danfu heart immediately settled down.
"Dan Fu" Song Xiaoling got up and walked to Song Danfu and pulled her hand very affectionately. "I’m so glad you’re back."
When Song Danfu came back, she wondered if she appeared in the family. On second thought, Song Xiaoling probably said that she was happy when she came back from prison.
It makes sense to think of Song Danfu like this.
Old lady Gu and the housekeeper watched Song Xiaoling’s performance without moving.
Waist suddenly more than an arm possessively took her away from Song Xiaoling Song Danfu turned to Gu Qing shallow his gloomy face is how to return a responsibility?
Gu Qing shallow also looked at Song Danfu, so Song Danfu read from his own shallow eyes that he didn’t like talking to Song Xiaoling himself. You can’t blame her. What can I do if Song Xiaoling comes to her hard?
"Uncle, you are not too stingy. I want to talk to Danfu." Song Xiaoling protested crossly.
The word "le" was coldly lost. Gu Qing took Song Danfu to the table. He would let Song Xiaoling pollute Dan Fu.
"How do you say I’m Dan Fu’s aunt?" Song Xiaoling suddenly stopped because Gu Qing was looking back at her cold eyes. She said brightly, "I’m Dan Fu’s aunt if you stare at me again."
Song Xiaoling’s voice was much smaller than that of Gu Qing’s shallow momentum.
"Don’t be like this" pulls the novel "You scared her" by Song Danfu.
Gu Qing’s shallow cold hum Song Xiaoling is so easily frightened. It’s strange that she Danfu is eager to share the purpose. He didn’t forget to learn that when the Song family was lucky in the fire, Song Xiaoling behaved calmly as if the person who died in the fire was not her relatives but a passerby.
"Xiaoling, don’t lose your temper." Mrs. Gu timely cleared the way and asked Song Xiaoling. "Xiaoling Xiaochen is shallow and Danfu is building. It would be rude if he were still sleeping."
Song Xiaoling flashed her eyes and went to her place to sit. "Maybe the company has something and he went out early in the morning."
"Since the class went to our meal," said the old lady Gu, the servants set the table one by one.
"Danfu, after breakfast, let’s go shopping. I’ll help you choose some clothes to make you look beautiful. My little uncle can’t find anything." Song Xiaoling grimaced at Gu Qing.
Song Danfu didn’t know how to answer Gu Qing’s shallow but anodyne statement, "Danfu didn’t accompany you to the shopping mall when she was going to class."
"Yi" Song Xiaoling looked puzzled. "Dan Fu, are you going to class? Where is the class?"
Gu old lady also looked at Song Danfu with a confused face, waiting for her answer.
"Guggenheim" replied that Gu Qing’s pale purple eyes were shallow and smiling, and he stretched out his hand and held Danfu’s hand. "The position is assistant to the president."
Song Danfu is one leng. She is the receptionist in the lobby. When was she promoted to assistant to the president?
"Little uncle, it turned out that you hid Dan Fu for a month and let me know that she died. Your wife" Angry Song Xiaoling couldn’t say the words behind her, and she didn’t know what words were appropriate.
Old lady Gu doesn’t do it. She smiles at the bottom of her heart. It’s like she didn’t go to be an actress. It’s really burying talents.
Song Danfu felt that it was better not to talk. Anyway, it was the attitude of the old lady Gu and Song Xiaoling that made her wonder. They were not surprised at her appearance. It seemed that it was reasonable for her to be together. God knows it was the first time for her to go home with a man.
Even with Gu Yanchen, she didn’t spend the night at home.
Old lady Gu and Song Xiaoling seem to have forgotten that five years ago, Gu Yanchen was a couple.
"Danfu, why didn’t you give me a message when you were with your little uncle? I was so sad that I fell off the stairs all day." Song Xiaoling said a face of injustice and spoiled Song Danfu. "The doctor also said that you must compensate me after I moved the tire gas."
Say that finish Song Xiaoling himself smiled and caressed his slightly swollen belly smile more gentle.
Song Danfu’s eyes are wide open. She fell down the stairs yesterday and could blame her.
Seeing Song Xiaoling’s hand touching her belly hurts, she won’t tell Song Xiaoling that she was with Gu Yanchen this month.
Going to eat, Mrs. Gu didn’t look at Song Xiaoling. Gu Qing decided to eat with Song Xiaoling. Anyway, he wouldn’t let her get what she wanted.
Song Xiaoling no longer speaks quietly. The dining table is warm and the atmosphere cools. Mrs. Gu put the porridge spoon first, and her eyes fell on Song Danfu. "Danfu, since you have come back safely, it’s time to have a shallow marriage. I told you that you have to do a shallow marriage. As a result, we were all killed in the Song family fire, and your marriage was delayed for a long time. Now that you are back, fortunately, let’s do it."
Gu Qing lightly chewed bread and paused, which was a quick recovery to nature.
No wonder Song Xiaoling is so enthusiastic about Dan Fu. The original purpose is that Song Xiaoling is looking after the old lady before the move is the finale.