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"Brother Lu, what the hell is this place?"

Lin Shanhe is not stupid. He always feels that several people, including the magic beast Gong Moyu, seem to have come to this place specially.
They didn’t flee here and accidentally strayed into an ancient relic, but looked for it purposefully.
"There may be places with real dragon remains, as I once asked you. We have always suspected that there is a real dragon burial place in this star field."
Lu Chen said frankly that he was not prepared to kill them. Lin Shanhe helped them a lot.
At this moment, the dark light floating in the huge stone plate of the real Dragon Star Domain seems to be waiting for something quietly.
And the inexplicable virtual image extending around the big stone plate of that planet is to lead to the unknown mystery
Chapter nine hundred and fifty-four The placenta of heaven and earth
Nothing leaves a trace when there is silence.
The dominant force enveloped this cave and stripped it from the world forever.
For a moment, Lu Chen thought that if a real dragon really set up the abode of fairies and immortals here, did he really fall?
This force has been shrouded here for millions of years, even tens of millions of years, but it has not declined.
The growth state of vegetation in the cave is still stagnant, and Lu Chen’s own Shou Yuan state has also been locked up
Apart from the fact that reiki is thin and inconvenient to practice, it is a suitable place for enlightenment to lock its own Shou Yuan.
It’s an excellent place for those monsters who are dying in Shou Yuan.
This is also the reason why Lin Shanhe was shocked and excited when he noticed this incident.
"I’m afraid Mr. Lu will let you down. I can see where the array is, but I don’t know where it is like a hand."
Leng Yue said that she was on the edge of the entrance to the cave, where there was an ancient kill array.
In front of Lu Chen’s array, Wu Daotian looks at the depths of the cave, "it’s ok if you need to observe the array position."
When he spoke, he also reported the location of ancient kill array to them through the team channel and modern pear painting clothes.
Mo Yu watched this scene with great interest. She knew that Lu Chen and his modern teammates were United, but she was curious about how the other side was going to break the game.
Two days later, Mo Yu looked at Lu Chen with a stupid face. "How do you know where to go?"
If it weren’t for Lin Shanhe here, she would like to ask if Lu Chen had studied source art in the world of covering the sky.
"I know a little about array law."
Lu Chen said with an inscrutable face that he was just painting pears and clothes to show the way forward.
After Leng Yue confirmed kill array’s specific position and sent it to the painting pear clothes, she asked her enemy’s small compass to find a way to make Lu Yi test again. After the mistake, she told Lu Chen the location of the painting pear clothes, so that they could always walk to the door in ancient kill array.
This big cave leads to Fang Luchen, and his party has just moved forward for two days, but he feels that the dragon breath is becoming more and more clear.
"It seems that kill array here is not deliberately arranged but naturally formed."
Lin Shanhe has a compass in his hand and a piece of black cloth to write and draw. After two days of analysis, he came to an amazing conclusion.
"How can you say that the mysterious ancient kill array was not set by the owner here?"
Lu Chen doesn’t understand. According to Leng Yue’s retelling, how can kill array, which is densely covered with almost no gaps and well organized, come into being naturally?
Lin Shanhe Zhang Shenmu observed the terrain. "If the real dragon deliberately left kill array, then it should have absolute strength to pass, and these veins should be naturally formed and finally transformed into kill array today."
As he said, he threw a stone ahead of time, which surprised Lu Chen and several people. The place where Linshanhe threw it was not as powerful as kill array’s.
"It seems that my judgment rule is that it should be faster for Liu Xiong to pick us up and we should deal with each other."
Lin Shanhe’s face was filled with joy. He discovered some laws of kill array here.
Lu Chen couldn’t help feeling that it was so right to take Lin Shanhe.
Ink rain with the team these two days words gradually less up has been silent thinking.
Her identity is that she was born in this star field, and she is known by the Star Alliance Fantasy Beast Gong Tianjiao, and she will know more about it than Lu Chen.
She feels that Liu Chen and thousands of snow outsiders have come all the way to find the real dragon relics, so far it has not been too smooth.
She doesn’t doubt that there is an amazing chance in this museum. Even if the remains of the real dragon are not here, there is definitely a big secret.
But this alliance really doesn’t know?
And the dark light mass, which should also have the ability to reveal the remains here, is why they haven’t explored it in depth today?
She is a cautious pioneer who has observed the situation here since she entered this area. Based on this, when things pass by, they are almost stagnant. No outsiders should be eternal, so if any predecessors have been here, they will definitely leave some traces.
However, the ink rain investigated and found that there were some people at the entrance. Although it was covered up, it could still be traced back.
Go deeper and there will be no trace of people where there is kill array.
Is it the Star Alliance Law that passed this kill array? Even Lin Shanhe can see something fishy after two days of observation.