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"Don’t fight, don’t fight." Su Lin gave a hand and wiped his forehead sweat with a wry smile. "Nine brothers didn’t expect you to be the most talented brother Pei in Su’s family."

Su Ying smiled. "Second brother is flattering me. It’s just a fluke."
Surin gave a smile "you are not modest what luck? Winning is winning, losing is losing your brother or losing the ground. "
Su Ying nodded and felt that Su Lin was not like Su Feng, who was so haggle over every ounce. He smiled, "If the second brother is advanced in strength, it will be not so easy if he can practice this boxing to the extreme."
Su Ying said it was true. What he could easily defeat Su Lin was not that his strength was much higher than Su Lin’s, but that Su Lin had learned too many complicated things, such as a hundred steps of boxing, evil wind and hand knives.
However, these martial arts are not practiced to the extreme, which leads him to be his opponent although he keeps changing martial arts.
"oh? Nine brothers have opinions, so let’s just say, "Su Lin came to Su Ying’s front and looked at it more and more, feeling that this nine brother is somewhat mysterious."
Su Ying wanted to think about giving him some advice. "The second brother’s natural divine power is refined by the dragon and tiger, and it is even more self-matching. Adding a hundred-step boxing is simply an added strength, but the second brother has not practiced both martial arts to the extreme. The younger brother thinks that this work is too feminine and not suitable for the second brother. You can specialize in the dragon and tiger, and you will definitely improve it. You must know that martial arts are not expensive."
Su Linwen stood there for a moment and then seemed to realize, "So that’s it. Thank you, second brother. I’ll think about it when I get back."
Su Ying nodded and said nothing.
"All right, come on in."
At this time, Su Youdao’s faint sound came out of the hall, but his sound was not loud but clear. Outside the hall, everyone’s ear was obviously repaired to some extreme performance.
Everyone heard the news and filed in, and soon the hall was full of people.
The first Su Youdao scanned a circle, and when he saw Su Ying, he nodded slightly and then said, "It’s more comforting for me to see such wonderful things when I came out today than to think that the younger generation in my Su family will rise again."
After a pause, Su Youdao continued, "Japan is the ancestor worship ceremony. All Su’s brothers should compete one by one according to the convention, but this year they will change a rule. Everyone will go to Qingyang Mountain to hunt monsters in the early morning, and whoever hunts more will get the reward prepared by the house."
"Master, then you won’t hold the ceremony?"
A middle-aged man asked Su Ying, who looked like a steward in Su Jia’s house. The man sat in the front and looked at Su Youdao and asked.
"I broke the news. It’s said that the so-called Japanese ancestor worship ceremony is the right thing to do. Let’s all disperse. Su Ying, you should stay."
Su Youdao said lightly, everyone slowly withdrew from the meeting hall, leaving Su Ying and Yin Yin and Su Youdao beside Su San.
After everyone left, Su Youdao smiled and looked at Su Ying, "You should grow up."
Sue should face zheng immediately laughed "uncle laughed"
Su Youdao waved his hand and smiled. "Su San told me about your situation, and I won’t ask you how you got to this point. After all, everyone has their own secrets. What are your plans after that?"
To tell the truth, Sue should have never thought about this question. Now Su Youdao asks about it for a while, but he doesn’t know how to answer it.
After thinking about it, Su Ying replied, "When the ancestor worship ceremony is over, please let me go out and travel. I want to see the world."
Su Youdao smell speech strange eyes looked at him for a moment before he nodded and said, "It’s all right if you come to see me once before you leave."
Sue should nod.
"That nephew excused himself."
Chapter 29 Zong Men Mi Xin
The next morning, the whole Qingzhou city was bustling with people. Many famous ladies pushed open the attic window and looked around to see Su Jia, a group of younger brothers in groups of three and two, each with a grand appearance, fresh clothes and a horse with a sword on his waist and a long bow flying across the street, leaving a crisp horseshoe.
"Look, look, that’s Master Su San and Master Su Si."
"Little red, what are you doing again? These two grandfathers haven’t come for a few days and still miss them? "
"Cut you just anthomaniac wow! Look, isn’t that to say that Master Su, a madman in Chinese cultivation? Look at his thick and powerful arms and his magnificent figure! If it’s a bed, it’s really "
Today is the annual ancestor worship ceremony of the Su family, which is different from the past. However, this year’s ancestor worship ceremony requires the brothers of the Su family to go to Qingyang Mountain to hunt monsters. Whoever kills more will be the final winner, and the family will focus on training.
Su Ying knocked at the door before getting up early in the morning.
"What’s the matter? Why are you so early today? Master, I haven’t slept enough. "Su Ying rubbed his temples and looked at Yinyin Road.
"Master, why don’t you get up? Today is the ancestor worship ceremony. Didn’t you say you were going to Qingyang Mountain to hunt monsters? You’re not going? " Yinyin a face of urgent way
"What am I going to do?"
Su Ying smiled. "I can still take part in the ancestor worship ceremony. Forget it, young master, I don’t have the free time."
"I see."
Yinyin nodded thoughtfully. Suddenly, she turned around and ran to the table and took out a golden post and handed it to Su Ying. "Young Master doesn’t have time to hunt monsters, so you must be interested in this!"
Seeing Yinyin’s strange face, Su Ying suddenly wondered, "What is this?"
Yinyin waved his hand and smiled. "I saw it early this morning when someone sent it to me. First, Miss Jiang Linglong’s invitation card will be held in the Lord’s mansion on New Year’s Eve in three days. Then all the young talents in Qingzhou will go."
Paused YinYin suddenly low head tone sour way "the somebody else also heard that the duke’s adult will miss exquisite choose husband, alas, if the young master went to the uncertain?"
"How is it?"
See Yinyin little face is full of loss. Su Ying suddenly had no choice but to say, "Silly girl, I don’t know what exquisite young lady is. I don’t necessarily go to the post. Your heart is very good. I’m going to practice."
Sue should get up and get dressed and walk to the courtyard.
Yinyin bit her lip and looked at the post in her hand in situ. She was dejected and said, "Young master is a handsome man and exquisite in martial arts. Will you like it when you see it?"
At noon, Su Yingyin was eating when the gate was suddenly opened. He looked around and saw two people coming in tandem.
Impressively, it is Wang Qingshan Lu Chongxiao who has disappeared for a long time.
"Hey, you’ve been here for a long time." Sue should say hello freely.
"I really want to die if I haven’t seen you for so long!" Wang Qingshan sat down first, picked up chopsticks, snapped a few mouthfuls, and added, "During this period, my brother Lu found a hidden place. Now brother Lu has finished detoxification repair and resumed the day after tomorrow. I tell you that repairing Xiao Shao is called a strong envy brother. I don’t think about it all day, so I look forward to it. You should be a good person to do it in the end and give me a very basic Dan!"
Su Ying took a sip of tea and looked at Wang Pang’s face and begged not to face her face. She suddenly laughed. "I really wanted to give it to you when I came back that day, but it was more than half a month after you disappeared."
Paused and said to Liu Chongxiao, "Congratulations on Liu Xiongxiu’s recovery."
Liu Chongxiao nodded and smiled. "I can recover, but I have to thank you for your help. This is the seven-color mysterious flower and four pieces for you."
Speaking, Liu Chongxiao took out a brocade box from the cuff to put the stone table.
Sue should also you’re welcome to take it directly.