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Ji Xinghe has six arms and six knives. Adakang has two arms and two mecha epees.

The right epee chopped the left epee and took the opportunity to cut it, but it was blocked for a moment.
And got stabbed twice
If Adacon’s mecha is not made of tungsten, steel and gold, these two hits are enough to make the end of this battle predictable.
But the defense force of tungsten steel and gold is too strong. When the twin knives of tungsten steel and gold wrapped around the mecha juli hit Adakang mecha at the same time, each left a scar about two centimeters deep.
I broke the defense and didn’t finish it.
Xingyue is not discouraged, but once again wields a knife to cut into those two scars, and water droplets can wear a stone through an iron pestle and grind into needles.
One two centimeters is not enough, then three two centimeters and ten two centimeters. How thick can Adacon mecha protective armor be?
However, the two knives of Xingyue failed to hit the double sword, and Adakang did not retreat, but just charged and spared no effort to complete a collision.
Crashing down the body into the cockpit made Ji Xinghe feel deafening.
The moon and the stars also retreat uncontrollably.
Because of the material of the body, even if the moon and the stars make the output power of the core engine not weaker than that of Adacon mecha, it is even in the limit state that higher output power can explode.
But the moon and the stars can’t bear it.
But Adacon’s body can bear it.
Many scientists have said that materials science has not progressed, and human science and technology have made great progress again.
This makes sense.
The empire has the known but no tungsten, steel and gold. If it is not the imperial science and technology, it is like a castle in the middle, unlike the development of the federal science and technology. It has a solid foundation, including mecha, individual starships, space battleship and artillery. Many military weapons that need material support will be crushed by the imperial surface.
Adakang mecha had a collision to prove it.
Two mecha like touch namely points bump together and then points Adakang mecha is not affected by the collision step forward is chopping in two directions at the same time.
With a clang, weapons made of tungsten, steel and gold entered the cockpit. Ji Xinghe blocked one of the mecha epee, and Xingyue blocked the other, and took the opportunity to chop Adakang’s mecha arm with double knives.
Give full play to the advantages of close hands
Adakang’s sword collection speed is faster than that of the moon and the moon. The double knives can’t be cut at such a close distance. It grazed Adakang’s mecha arm and left two shallow marks with a depth of less than one centimeter.
Helpless or better than talking?
Aidakang brandished his sword and hacked again, and the two clanked almost at the same time. Ji Xinghe teamed up with Xingyue to successfully block four knives again and took the opportunity to chop again.
Scene reappearance
It seems that this battle will continue with this attack and block sneak attack mode for a long time.
But Ji Xinghe and Xingyue are unwilling to fight like this.
"Master, my body is damaged."
Xingyue woke up that she didn’t win the sword, but the damage had already appeared.
Mecha is a very complicated mechanical creation, and the components will have problems due to the constant impact and bearing force, and these problems will affect the maneuverability of mecha.
In short, Xingyue was injured.
This is nothing new to her. She suffered many imperial regular mecha attacks during the battle yesterday afternoon, as she did.
But at that time, it was difficult for those regular imperial mecha to cause sustained damage to her, and she was able to break the initiator before all threatening attacks were completed.
But now she can’t break Adakang quickly.
Ji Xinghe controls the main motor of the mecha and calms down.
"Do you remember that we practiced Tai Ji Chuan together?"
"Have you tried unloading?"
"I tried and didn’t succeed."
"I’ll teach you"
Ji Xinghe actually taught Xingyue when he was fighting Adakang.
When the two arms of the body controlled by him block Adakang’s epee, there is a force that can be clearly perceived by the moon and the moon.
It’s not only the force, but also the movement of the tiny body.
So the moon and the stars feel that Adakang’s sword is no longer powerful, which is not only a feeling, but also a fact.
Numbers don’t deceive people. The life form of the moon and the stars makes her believe that the digital load perception system shows that the load value has been significantly reduced.
But at present, it is limited to Ji Xinghe blocking the mecha epee, and her arms are controlled at the same time blocking another mecha epee, which brings her no difference compared with before
But she was distracted when she cooperated with Ji Xing He, but this did not affect her control of her own body parts.
The phase information in the database was transferred by her.
It was base 6, and Ji Xinghe often drove her away from the base late to the surface for maneuver training.
Most of the mecha will go to watch it, but when Ji Xinghe is driving the moon and the moon to fight Tai Ji Chuan, the audience will become less and less.
At that time, the moon and the stars had not finished awakening, but these records were kept by her, which was one of the reasons why she was able to evolve in a sense.
Middle-click on Ji Xinghe, who will later drive her with Ji Rong Xinyue or practice boxing with her.
Ji Xinghe has made a lot of efforts to ensure that Ji Rongxinyue is not affected by the load brought by maneuvering.
Already a super mecha, he gives people a feeling that he can’t drive a mecha.