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"Wang Zijia gives you neural link technology, and its performance will change strongly. I can’t make neural link technology for the time being. You can do better than me."

"No one can do better than you, I can’t, and Li Yuanba can’t." Li Han’s tone was excited. "Because you are Ji Xinghe, you are the mountain with the highest personal force of human beings. We are all climbers."
Ji Xinghe’s tone is still calm and his voice is very light.
"But I’m afraid of death. You think I’m not afraid of death. Everyone thinks I’m not afraid of death because you didn’t know how strong I am before. You don’t know those. It seems to you that I’m likely to die. Even if I fight, I won’t die.
And now you all know that the empire knows. "
Li Han was silent.
It is important but not important for the Federation to know how strong Ji Xinghe is, but it is really important for the empire to know how strong Ji Xinghe is for life and death.
The offensive war mark Canyon Empire Transition Base is destined to be a battle in which several people will die. All high-tech weapons of the Federation and the Empire, especially weapons of mass destruction, may be involved in this battle.
The transition base is too important for the empire and equally important for the Federation.
Enough to change the pattern of this war, the meat grinder is not suitable for the upcoming war.
Life is like dirt
Better than a horse, how can we guarantee that he won’t die?
Li Han saw the final fortress next to Ji Xinghe’s mecha. He believed Tu Yuan’s judgment and determined that there was Ji Xinghe in the moon and the moon. He had used nuclear weapons against Ji Xinghe, Idakang or the empire.
Never mind making nuclear weapons again
If there is no final fortress, not only Ji Xinghe will die today, but also many people will die.
The equivalent of nuclear weapons is controllable, and so is the killing range.
If it can kill Ji Xinghe, the empire doesn’t mind using ultra-high equivalent nuclear weapons, but when the empire thinks they can’t kill Ji Xinghe, they are unwilling to give the Federation a chance to use nuclear weapons.
In other words, including more than 600 federal mecha in Li Han, Ji Xinghe is less threatening to the empire.
But what if it’s a chaotic battlefield in a war scar canyon?
Is it really possible to accurately put the fortress around Ji Xinghe in the end?
"They can use nuclear weapons."
When Ji Xinghe Li Han was silent, he said softly, "I can’t tell you why, but if I do, they will certainly be nuclear weapons, even if they are nuclear weapons, they will be destroyed at the same time, and their forces will destroy their transition bases."
No one except Ji Xinghe knows how strong a sense of crisis he just had, and no one knows that the sense of crisis will disappear when the fortress is finally successfully put into use.
So no one knows that Ji Xinghe had a gold medal for death, but it is gone now.
There is Ji Xinghe, and everyone knows that it is not a person.
Li Han opened his mouth but made no sound.
He wanted to ask something, but Ji Xinghe said he wouldn’t tell him, so he wouldn’t tell him.
So he gave up asking and even thinking, because he was sure it must be a secret that could affect the whole Federation. He shouldn’t know that it would be his burden.
"You said before that you would take Ji Rongxin back to Blue Star in about three years."
Li Han finally said something and then asked again, "Do you want to wait for Ji Rongxinyue to finish the last stage of treatment and find someone who can take care of her when she grows up, and then go back to another star to continue the war? Were you not afraid of death at that time? Will you get revenge and fight to the death? "
Ji Xinghe didn’t answer because he knew what Li Han wanted to say.
But it’s like Li Han didn’t answer his question just now, but he answered it himself.
Li Han knew the answer with a hint of anger and some pleading.
"Then don’t come back."
It’s too common in the war of death
A general armor may die, and a prince armor made of tungsten, steel and gold may also die.
Even people who are waiting for the worse and the blue star may die because of this war.
But in the worst case, people who treat alien battlefields will definitely die before those who treat blue stars.
So Li Han doesn’t want Ji Xinghe back.
Can Ji Xinghe really play as well as he does now in three years? Even if he can, he has no will to live.
Li Han is a contradiction, but Ji Xinghe is not
"I’ll come back, I’ll be stronger."
He can’t say much.
For example, he never gave up revenge.
For example, after he really mastered the strength of Qi, Ji Rong Xinyue could grow up safely.
For example, he must let more people have qi power.
For example, he can no longer explore the strength of Qi alone. He needs to give himself a better, more suitable and more professionals to help him study the environment. The discovery of Dr. Essen’s laboratory may be his further opportunity.
For example, changing the powerful and amiable Wang Jia helps to regard nuclear weapons as the most lethal weapon possessed by humans and orangutans in the Federation and Empire.
Like …
He can’t say much because he has too much to bear.
It is the greatest sorrow and hatred in the world to be alone when you are old. When you are desperate, you have another hope, but this hope may die at any time. There is no greater torture and responsibility than this.
Family hatred and national hatred