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On the fourth day, Ji Xinghe reached the Imperial Star through the interstellar transition gate. On the seventh day, the team of Ji Rongxin arrived in King’s Landing. On the eleventh day, the Empire put a transition base in the Imperial Star to the Federation, which made the Federation confused for a while but had to go.

The transition base is located in an isolated island in the ocean of Imperial Star, which is the only information that the Federation can get when it arrives at the base. According to the previous information, the Federation has determined the exact coordinates of the isolated island through observation-it is 12,375 kilometers away from King’s Landing, which can be said to be almost opposite sides of the Imperial Star.
The technology owned by the Federation is very simple to cross this distance of more than 10 thousand kilometers, but when this distance is controlled by the empire, it is as difficult as the Federation landing on a different star from the blue star a hundred years ago.
Only then did he take over the Federal President Li Andy’s voyage from Blue Star to Alien, but he has already taken over the supreme command of all military units in Alien, which is higher than when he was commander in chief, because it also includes those resources that originally belonged to Xingyue.
The last point is that Andy was able to take over the core of the’ federal emperor’ handle for several reasons. After a week and a month went to the Imperial Star, the corresponding limit naturally fell on Ji Xinghe, and when Ji Xinghe went to the Imperial Star, Andy’s question made Ji Xinghe hesitate for some time because Ji Xinghe stayed before going.
Liu Mian can’t hold Yang Antai and can’t hold Tang Qiao and Davis. These people can’t get the letter Su He and Shen Mu from Ji Xinghe Department, and they don’t know what to do. Instead, they will bring great danger to Andy and his father.
This is also similar to Andy, Tu Yuan and Yang Antai, who have never been worried about the rising trend of Ji Xinghe. The reason is that it has soared too fast and the foundation is too weak to lose the help of the stars and the moon. That is Genping.
Andy is very decisive and can’t care about what gains and losses are. He sent a large number of intellectual machinery into the tentative "fire" transition base and let these intellectual machinery spread outward for the first time.
In fact, these intelligent machines were made by the moon and the moon, and they did not belong to the federal command sequence before they were made. The Federation did not even know that these intelligent machines were made after the moon and the moon were determined, and some prediction and analysis were made.
But when Andy got the limit of the moon and the stars, the Federation found out that they underestimated the moon and the stars after all, which were too many and too wide to adapt to the land and sea environment and too much environment. It was said that the moon and the stars had already prepared for attacking the Imperial Star. Otherwise, why should we make intellectual machinery that could travel, fight and investigate in the sea?
Of course, it is also possible to prepare for the blue star marine environment.
Since it doesn’t consume federal resources and there are a lot of them, Andy doesn’t feel bad at all.
However, it didn’t work
I don’t know how many resources the empire invested and how long it took to prepare. All the intellectual machinery sent from the isolated island base will suddenly be disconnected after a certain distance from the ocean or the sky.
Even if the function of self-returning after detecting a certain distance is set up, even a smart machine can bring effective information to the Federation, which is really like sinking into the sea. The Federation has tried to make all kinds of communication equipment capture communication signals, and neither the Federation nor the Empire has received feedback.
It is reasonable that the empire "gave" the federal kindling base more like a restricted area. If it is not completely isolated from this base, how can the empire easily hand over this transition base to the Federation?
"From the current situation, the empire just wants us to support the advance troops and constantly invest in forces that can be easily annihilated by them. Although the losses are all people and equipment, if we want to continue, we must invest in weapons and equipment operated by people. We have almost no information …"
"It’s been more than seventy-two hours since Commander Ji arrived at Imperial Star. Whether the battle in King’s Landing has ended or not, we are not sure what we think should be done first. It may be easier than we want to get in touch with the advance army base …"
All kinds of sounds are ringing in Andy’s ear, and he also needs these sounds to make effective suggestions and help him make the right decision.
But before he came to a conclusion, a huge ship sailed from the Imperial Star Ocean at a speed of 60 knots to the Federal Fire Base. When it entered the federal attack range, the Federation did not attack it because the Federation did not detect that the ship was carrying weapons and equipment.
Although it is possible to carry nuclear weapons, considering that the kindling base is "given" to the Federation by the empire, this possibility is very slim.
As the distance approached the Federation, more bizarre information was found. The ship was constantly throwing cables into the ocean. It looked like laying submarine cables in the blue star ocean of the Federation. The process was very random, and no protective measures were taken for the cables. It seemed that a temporary cable was needed.
When the ship sailed to the isolated port of the kindling base, the Federation sent a robot to board the ship for the first time and confirmed that the cable was for communication.
The phase link was quickly opened through the continuous interstellar transition gate, and Andy was connected to the communication channel of the Empire.
Without the sound of Emperor Wudi III and Adakang, the picture is in ruins, and the view of King’s Landing is in the middle.
What is this?
The confusion of the Federation didn’t last too long, and there appeared the champion Hou who had been lost for more than 72 hours. But unlike before, the champion Hou didn’t have the Star River, but stepped on the imperial star King’s Landing, and the four mechs of the Rong Xinyue team seemed to be intact. Four hundred’ general-class’ mecha vaults appeared in the picture, and the lens in the middle was quickly zoomed in to see the Federation more realistically.
Almost at the same time, a ship that does not belong to the federal style or the imperial style appeared in the picture and flew slowly to the federal mecha such as the champion Hou, who was marching on the surface of King’s Landing.
The length of the hull is about 60 meters, the height of the hull is about 30 meters, and the width is about 25 meters. The whole body is diamond-shaped, and the observation porthole is invisible. It seems to be made of tungsten steel, gold or tungsten steel alloy.
Is it the spaceship in the third article?
The Federation analyzed the ship for the first time, but there was too little information available in the picture, which shocked the Federation and changed again.
The ship landed smoothly in front of the champion Hou, and all the mecha of the champion Hou did not attack.
What the hell is this?