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"I’ve heard of it, but why didn’t you say something just now?"

"Just now, my mecha ran out of energy. I can fight now."
Chapter 1 chess cicada said
There are more and more federal mecha coming to support, to prevent being ambushed by the enemy with uncertain position. They chose the security area to prepare for the rendezvous and wait for all the forces to fight against the imperial mecha.
Even if you play more and less, you can’t win, but victory is definitely beyond doubt.
Keep a distance of about 12 kilometers to support the federal mecha themselves and form a close communication network.
"No enemy found in area 25"
"No enemy found in area 46"
"No enemy found in area 37"
One intelligence information after another is shared by the mecha in the phase area. Almost all the mecha can get this information, but there are very few who can find problems from it.
Ji Xinghe is one of the few.
Jackson led the center of the mecha team, Fiona Fang, 10 kilometers, which was divided into many areas. The federal mecha squad units occupied some areas and waited quietly. They found no trace of the imperial mecha.
It sounds like Fiona Fang has two earl-level imperial mecha leading 30 ordinary imperial mecha in ten kilometers. At present, even if the other party has earl-level mecha, it can achieve the goal of annihilation.
"Team 3 is marching 300 meters to Area 23."
Ji Xinghe sound sounded from the communication channel, and after several rounds of transit, it reached the ear of the No.3 team mecha "If you find the enemy retreating"
Team No.3 immediately took action, while Ji Xinghe continued to reach the instructions when they acted.
"Team 4 is heading for area 26 for 500 meters. If you find the enemy retreating."
"Team 5 …"
"Team 6 …"
One instruction after another showed that Jackson’s special grade had no definite opposition, and all the federal mecha responded and executed it at the first time.
Some of them don’t know why they want to do this, and some people think of something, but they can’t figure out how they did it.
Ji Xinghe didn’t explain to people and didn’t stop waiting for information. He has controlled the mecha to run up based on the existing information analysis. His running direction seems to be regular and he makes inexplicable maneuvers from time to time.
Like a lost lamb in a dust storm
But at this time, no one knew that Ji Xinghe continued to run and maneuver to the area within 10 kilometers of Fiona Fang. In his mind, he formed a four-thirds area like a chess board, which was in a state of fog.
Those scattered and constantly carrying out his instructions federal mecha is this huge white chess board.
The chessboard full of fog gradually became brighter as the chess moves, and the imperial mecha hidden in the foggy area were finally discovered like black chess.
"Six Imperial Mechs found in Area 42"
Once again, he completed the steering maneuver. Ji Xinghe was very close to the No.42 area. He had already run in this direction before he got the information. At this time, he directly established communication connection with the federal mecha team in the area.
The first time I received the information, the first time I received the instruction, and the federal mecha squad in this area would naturally retreat for the first time.
"They chased us."
The communication channel continued to sound that the Imperial Mecha had received instructions before it was discovered, or that it was necessary to attack at the first time when it was discovered.
Ji Xinghe once again stressed that the running speed has not changed, and the route has been straight.
As white as chess, the federal mecha soon appeared in his sight, and the number of federal mecha who followed his orders and kept retreating was actually more than that of imperial mecha like black chess.
They can really fight.
When Ji Xinghe kept asking them to retreat, their communication channel also sounded different sounds.
"Let’s call back, captain."
"Yes, now we play more and play less, but if their support is nearby, then we will become less and play more."
"They must have support nearby, otherwise how dare they chase us?"
"Lieutenant Ji Xinghe is very effective, but he doesn’t seem to have learned how to command a battle. His decision is probably wrong."
"Shut up and follow orders"
Having said that, the captain of this mecha squad has some discomfort in his heart, and he has no command for them.
Do you want to ask Major Jackson?
Just as the captain was preparing to unite with Jackson, he saw a mecha rushing out of the dust storm. Judging from the model and the number of Venus on his chest, it must be Ji Xinghe.
"Lieutenant Ji Xinghe, we …"
The captain’s words haven’t finished yet, and Ji Xinghe has already issued new instructions.
"Surround them with lateral maneuvers"
Is "escape" ten federal mecha have been patient for a long time. At this time, I finally got the order and was more excited than completing lateral maneuvers.
Originally, it was like an arrow. Ten mecha completed the formation change in a very short time. The two sides of the arrow extended from one corner of an isosceles triangle to a right triangle, and the angle continued to expand as they maneuvered sideways.
Pursuit state when six imperial mecha saw this scene, they stopped and maneuvered at the same time. They wanted to turn around and then pull around, but they didn’t choose to break through to both sides because the federal mecha had surrounded them right in front of them.
See the imperial mecha reaction when they suddenly stop and then turn around and maneuver, it is relatively very slow to start. The mecha in this mecha squad finally understand the reason why Ji Xinghe let them keep retreating just now.