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Elena’s mother turned to look at Elena and said slowly, "Elena is the crimson rain master of the Republic of China, and I am the sword slave of the crimson rain family. Elena Rain Maria shoulders the responsibility of protecting the crimson rain when the primary key is less. At the beginning, the crimson rain family was coveted by Duo Franco because of its family symbol, the demon knife and crimson rain, and I escaped with the crimson rain and the little master."

"Crimson rain is just flying out of your body? But can that thing be a powerful knife because it is so small? " Wu day recalled that the red shadow should be a little thing and continued to ask.
Maria took out a pink irregular crystal fragment from her pocket and said, "This is the scarlet rain."
"Crimson rain is a piece of debris?" Wu day heart.
"Crimson rain is a knife that can surpass the big knife. It has the ability to absorb blood and become stronger and self-healing. The power can greatly strengthen the messenger’s ability, and even the sea stones can be cut off. Even the navy generals dare not one-on-one and hold the crimson rain. This is the core of the crimson rain."
"Then how can such a powerful weapon be destroyed?" Wu day wondered, knowing that the sea stone is the hardest thing in One Piece’s world-then what can break and cut off the scarlet rain of the sea stone?
"At the beginning, I didn’t know what Franco did. The three generals came to the crimson rain house at the same time to pressure the housekeepers to win one-on-one, but one pair of four were not sure. So the housekeepers’ ancestors destroyed the crimson rain and let me secretly leave with the core and the young master." Maria was very angry and puzzled. Then Maria held her fist and said, "Navy Franco will give it all back one day."
"This day won’t be too far away. Even if Franco is Celestial Dragons, there will be no way to stop me from helping you get revenge. There are some reasons for the navy. I always have a problem with the navy!"
Chapter 4 questions
"Franco is Celestial Dragons? No wonder it can be called Admiral Celestial Dragons. It was the most damned group of people in the world. "Maria gnashed her teeth and took a look at it in the direction of the red soil continent outside the window."
Maria’s eyes turned to Wu day. "Your strength is much lower than mine. It’s a way to avenge us unless you have a lot of things to take out before."
Wu Tianwen was curious because Maria’s words seemed to mean that she could see her own strength, so she asked, "Do you know how strong I am?"
"Of course, grade 99999, strength 4995, you should come here from the lower world." Maria’s voice just fell and Wu Tian was shocked. Then a hexagon coin-sized coat of arms appeared in Wu Tian’s right hand. This is a kind of props to send badges. Wu Tian will send badges tightly, and he will have the idea of crushing them and sending them away at any time.
At this time, Maria said, "Don’t be nervous. This is the ability of crimson rain. I will divide people’s ability according to grades and data, and I will have the ability to communicate with crimson rain because it has parasitized my body in recent years."
"Are you sure you won’t have any thoughts against me?" Said Wu day left hand also appeared a prop, a glass bead props soul orb referred to as polygraph when someone lying around will emit red light.
"Of course not, but you helped me save the crimson rain. If you hadn’t taken out something and the crimson rain was born, spirituality has been reluctant to absorb my blood recently. So it is estimated that it won’t be long before the crimson rain will disappear." Maria said that Wu Tian stretched out her left hand and scratched her head. After seeing the heart treasure that didn’t flash red, she took it back without a trace.
"Then I believe you. Can you tell me what strength you are?" Wu Tian said this, and Wu Tian made him sincere, just like there was no prop test.
"My current strength is about 100 times stronger than it is now," Maria replied.
Maria had just finished talking with Wu Tian, and her brain was running at top speed. According to this statement, Maria’s former strength attribute was 13 less, that is,
"Maria, I’m at the level of 99999 and my strength is 4995. My strength should not be so low, and it has stagnated a few years ago. Since you can see my attributes, there should be ways to improve my attributes!" Wu asked a face of hope looking at Maria.
"You are wrong. Your strength is so much. You used to have a lot, but now you have a lot of quality. This is crimson rain." Maria replied to Wu Tian.
And Wu day ear this sentence and didn’t say the same.
The next day, Wu Tian took Maria and Elena to this strange and familiar street in this town. This is the third time. The first time he was eager to sell diamonds, the second time he became the god of wealth of this street, and the third time he was going to take Elena and her daughter to see and buy a boat.
"Hey, Kent, do you think it’s that small?" A fat woman at a roadside booth muttered to her husband.
"This should be right? However, it is said that the little girl was followed by a beautiful woman. Now there are two more and they are all beautiful women! " Kent kept staring at Elena and Maria while talking, and his mouth was watering.
"Ah ~ ah ~ ah ~" Suddenly a burst of killing pigs came out.
Seeing that Kent’s wife was dragging him by the ear and carrying Kent home like a rabbit, she said while walking, "How dare you stare at other women with the bottom of your eyes and see how I can clean you up when I go back?"
So how to clean up? Think about it and you will know.
"Wife, spare me, spare me, I won’t dare again." Kent’s tragic voice spread all over the main street.
Wu day saw eye Kent, they are also watching the farce and then smiled.
"Go and tell Julie Jie that the fat sheep is back. Hurry up," said the two big men, and then a big man ran towards an alley.
Through the alley, this is a small courtyard that is somewhat dilapidated. There are dozens of people scattered in the courtyard.
On one side of the courtyard, there is another old house. Looking through the open door, there are three chairs, two of which are occupied.
"Captain Julie’s sheep appeared." The big fellow was panting and reporting to the woman sitting in the first place with his back to the direct woman.
The woman is the former auctioneer who received Julie. When Julie saw her, she rushed to the big fellow quickly.
A loud slap in the face was accompanied by a burst of chaos. The big fellow flew up and crashed a chair with a thud, which was very noisy.
"Didn’t I say call me Sister Julie?" Julie turned around and sat down in the chair and looked around and asked them.
Julie Julie, the head of the Pirates’ Regiment, was forced to live on a very bad island because of being robbed by pirates. After ten years, he realized that he was domineering and had excellent fighting ability. After leaving the island, he discovered the truth about the pirates’ hijacking of the ship and was planning revenge. Just because he knew the truth, he felt that the world was not as good as he thought, and his temper was very tyrannical.
It was also a woman sitting in the third chair. As soon as Julie finished speaking, she echoed and said, "Elder sister has said many times that this little boy dares to chop up and feed the fish without listening to her instructions!"
This woman is called Ling Ya Zhu Li, the combat captain of the Pirates, and the cat fruit-clouded leopard is a mean and greedy woman who can compete with the school.
"Yes! Yes, chop and feed the fish. "
"Chop and feed the fish"
A group of minions in the courtyard have been booing.
"Why don’t you chop off an ear and let him have a long memory?" At this moment, a man came in and said, pulling out his waist sword directly and flashing a knife light, his ear fell off and it was bloody and dazzling.
Then sat down in the second chair.
"Well, since you have punished Barnes, I won’t punish him any more," Julie said gently to Barnes.
The swordsmen, deputy head of Barnes Julie Pirates’ Regiment, are fighting as hard as the school. They have never eaten the devil’s fruit. They used to be a navy, but they were framed by the company and finally escaped from the navy. It is Julie’s secret admirer who generally listens to Barnes’ words.
Obsessed with looking at Barnes, Julie said in a bad tone, "Hey, tell me what you just wanted to say. If it’s nothing, you can’t want the other ear."
"Sister Julie, I observed the situation outside with the pigeon. We just found it on the street once. You asked us to pay attention to it." The big man was clutching his ear and his face, and blood was flowing from his fingers. He was a little scared and stuttered.
"I get angry when I talk about this old lady," she said, and gave the big fellow another kick. Julie was a little deflated when she watched the big fellow lying on the ground covered in blood from his ears. Then she said, "It seems that you and your partner stared at each other and let others get away, so that we didn’t know where the other party went and waited for a day in vain. Can you do well this time?"
The big fellow straightened up and vowed to "promise to stay with each other or the elder sister will chop me up and feed me to the fish."
"Well, if I still lose you this time, I’ll really chop you up and feed you to the fish. Well, you go quickly," Julie said maliciously, pointing to each other
"Good elder sister" said the big fellow, turning and walking towards the outside of the hospital.
"Wait," Julie suddenly said.
"Sister, do you have any orders?" The big fellow turned around and asked
"Go and dress it first, then take a few more people and know where they are going."
"Thank you for your big sister’s heart" said the big fellow, who ran out with a trace of resentment and madness in his eyes.