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Inoue Shouxing flashed his eyes and nodded in agreement, saying, "It’s true that the Amish sent Li Zhihong and Tantric masters to the war. First of all, they violated the original agreement of fighting with their warriors. They can break the contract first. Of course, we can also win by hook or by crook. Now the imperial honor and the Tanigawa family are in an extraordinary period. We don’t have to emphasize our samurai spirit too much with them to win!"

Zong Ming has set a trap for Dongyang people to drill in. When he wants to arrange for one or two Ames to escape, then Dongyang people’s bullying and despicable behavior will definitely be promoted to face such a vicious wolf. If the top officials of Ames Empire don’t double back, it won’t be Ames.
In order to avoid unnecessary losses to our own side caused by huge energy generated by duel, Dongyang people set duel field as a combat training ground of a military base in the Imperial City. This military base in the Imperial City is similar to that palace built in the suburbs by Zong Ming, that is, it is designed and built specifically to prevent the outbreak of nuclear war. The inner structure is reinforced concrete with a thickness of three meters, and there is also a layer of meters thick steel plate in it. If we can’t find the joint of this base structure, it is impossible to blow it up by ordinary equivalent explosive.
The Tanikawa family came to duel field half an hour earlier. In Zongming’s instigation, the Tanikawa family dispatched nearly 200 experts to watch and cheer and enter the duel scene. Everyone was preparing for the battle without any noise, waiting silently for the Yas to appear.
This base, which is nearly 100 meters deep underground, now presents a dead silence atmosphere.
The combatants of Ames Empire arrived in duel field on time under the leadership of Chang Hong in Sakano in accordance with Ames’ consistent punctuality and punctuality style.
Klinnick and Hans personally led the team, except Li Zhihong, Nima and Saqie. There were nine giants who were dressed in the standard warfare "fans" of the special forces of the Ames Empire Delta, all of whom were more than two meters tall. These nine giants were like cast iron and steel, with no aura of the living, and they had a fierce murderous look, as if they were not living people but nine humanoid killing machines.
Hans went into the eye, and the Tanigawa family was always good at calculating. He gave birth to a bad feeling for no reason, but then he looked at the nine killing machines that accompanied him and thought about the stupid bushido spirit of Dongyang people. Hans’s sense of loss was like a flash in the pan.
Klinnick felt completely different from Hans. He saw that the Tanigawa family sent so many people to help him and said that they were guilty. He could take this opportunity to kill more Dongyang people to avenge himself.
Li Zhihong, like all mainland Tianlong people, has an inexplicable hatred for Dongyang people. His face is filled with an evil smile, and his eyes scanned the Tanigawa family camp contemptuously. When he came into contact with Zongming and Xueling’s eyes, his heart jumped two times for no reason, and a pair of gloomy eyes locked in Xueling involuntarily.
Ningma and Saqie, like Li Zhihong, stared at the blood spirit carefully.
Tantric xiu was still very sensitive to that kind of spirit.
Klinnick, the client, first broke the stagnant atmosphere at the scene. He said to the blood spirit at the forefront of the array with a somewhat sarcastic look in his coldness, "Do you want to strengthen your Dongyang people with more people?" Is this what you dongyang people call bushido spirit? I’m really disappointed in your ignorant people! "
Foreign Minister Sakano Chang Hong was very upset when he heard Klinek’s words. He didn’t wait for the Tanigawa family to answer the words and said coldly, "Klinek Pavilion, what is the purpose of your soldiers coming to our imperial city from Asia and America?" Do you want to fight with sincerity to solve the problem, or do you want to show off your words and just talk fast? No matter who is right or wrong, we can solve it by established methods. Is it necessary to nag here? "
Klinnick turned around and took a deep look at Chang Hong of Sakano and said, "It seems that Sakano Pavilion is more" sexually "anxious than Kiyoo Tanegawa. You are so cultivated. I really don’t know that your cabinet members will be chosen as foreign ministers. Your Imperial Pavilion is really unique!"
Sakano Changhong was speechless by Klinnick. At this moment, he just took Klinnick’s words and said ambiguously, "Klinnick, didn’t you threaten to let our whole Tanigawa family come to be buried with him? Today, I brought all the elite members of the Tanigawa family, depending on whether you Yameis are hollow. "
Li Zhihong, who has been silent for a long time, slowly withdrew his eyes from the bloody body and said coldly to Klinnick, "Mr Klinnick, since I came here at the invitation of Hans to help the people entrusted by him, I have to be loyal to your country’s government. Now I should report back and forth slowly. I can’t watch these Dongyang people. The truth of our saliva is always in the hands of the strong. Should we start work?"
Hans, in a sullen moment, said, "It’s time for a good duel." Hans was certainly happy to take this opportunity to take a good look at the strength of a Dongyang person when he saw Li Zhihong’s automatic well-documented request.
Blood spirit has long seen Li Zhihong’s identity. He said sarcastically, "In today’s world, it is said that the Federal Falun Sect in Yu Tianlong is controlled by Amerasians behind their backs, and Li Zhihong, the Amerasian, feeds a loyal wild dog. It’s a shame for you to see you as a slave today."
Li Zhihong god "color" after a change and then turn gentle he squints at the blood spirit skin smile meat motionless "forced" the voice way "you are probably the culprit Tanigawa Qingfu? I seem to have heard a lot of words in the wrong novel network, saying that you Dongyang people are more like a dog that doesn’t feed the family. Don’t want this world to have your so-called god with magic power. I will show you that when I turn nine times, the Falun Gong is like a demon. "
Zong Ming’s "color" indifferently emerged from the Tanigawa family camp and said, "I’m really sorry for our Tianlong Federation, but we are all working hard for other countries. Li Zhihong, for everyone belongs to Tianlong, let me try your nine-turn Falun magic."
Zong Ming realized that if Blood Spirit and Li Zhihong took the lead, they would definitely "expose" the true identity of Blood Spirit. How do you say that the nine-turn Falun is a magic weapon for Tantric Buddhism? There will be some restraint for the blood spirit, so that he can personally solve the national sinner in front of him. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to start a scuffle.
Zong Ming had planned not to make moves at this time, but he had already made a move to Li Zhihong’s power to strike a blow and seek a close match. Will he give full play to the magic of the nine-turn wishful Falun Gong?
Li Zhihong may be destined to be robbed by this. Although he can see that Zong Ming may have a complicated origin, why didn’t he think that the character opposite is a super fix true master who can collect the whole Xiaoyao Sect by himself?
Zong Ming’s intention is to make a quick decision. As early as Zong Ming’s inspiration, Yuan Shen turned into a huge energy flow, and Zong Ming was running in the veins of Zong Ming’s body repeatedly.
Li Zhihong stared coldly at Zong Ming’s eyes, and suddenly his eyes suddenly burst with evil light, and a powerful spiritual force surged toward Zong Ming with his eyes.
Zong Ming ran his spirit to the extreme when he first came into contact with Li Zhihong’s spirit. First, he showed the enemy’s weakness and let Li Zhihong’s spirit invade his brain, which had long been protected by Yuan Shen’s energy. Li Zhihong’s spirit was absorbed by Zong Ming’s Yuan Shen’s energy like a giant whale swallowing water, and it disappeared like a mud cow.
Li Hongzhi just felt bad that Zong Ming would absorb the spirit and add his own powerful spiritual practice, which was like a surging wave suddenly surging along the Li Zhihong spiritual force field. Li Zhihong didn’t come to destroy the dynamic body. His brain consciousness had been broken by Zong Ming’s strong spirit. When his Falun was just transported to the second turn, Li Zhihong’s brain tissue was destroyed by Zong Ming without emotion. His situation at this time was somewhat similar to Zong Ming’s way of dealing with Chen Zhenbei on Pearl Island.
In the eyes of others, Li Zhihong and Zong Ming are only separated by less than three meters. When their eyes are compared with each other, people blink about five times at most. Li Zhihong is not as tall as Zong Ming in spiritual practice. Plus Zong Ming is deliberately calculating that his first move is to gather strength and hit him. How can he escape this robbery? In his mind, two spirits are like a huge wave. Li Zhihong’s spiritual defense is like boiling soup and melting snow, while Zong Ming’s spirit is like mercury leaking into the other’s brain.
Zong Ming didn’t want to control his spiritual strength because he hit the root with a blow. Li Zhihong, the leader of the Falun Sect, a traitor, was made an idiot by Zong Ming in a muddle.
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Chapter 14 Tiger Wolf War
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This kind of pure spiritual strength is the root way for others to realize the thrill. In Hans’ view, Li Zhihong only spent a few seconds with each other and lay on his back in a stuffy hum, wondering whether he was dead or alive.
Zong Ming looks relaxed like a person who has nothing happened, and his hands are around the sun "hole" "rubbing" and "rubbing". However, he turned around and walked back to the Tanikawa family camp without paying attention to Li Zhihong’s current situation, such as for himself. Of course, he knows the weight.
Others may not know how powerful Li Zhihong is, but Ningma and Saqie are very clear about the situation just now. Of course, their tantric masters know that something happened, but they never thought that such a result would happen. Li Zhihong was abolished by his opponent before he even had the best nine-turn Falun. They couldn’t help but gasp in silence.
Their original Dongyang people’s worst will be the blood spirit. This fake Tanigawa Qingfu didn’t expect a super spirit master to come out suddenly. It seems that this Dongyang trip is unpredictable!
Knowing that it was time to fan the flames, Blood Spirit sarcastically said to Klinnick, "Klinnick, can you deal with our Tanigawa family with this fragile garbage? You wouldn’t be so naive, would you? Wrong novel network many words "
At this moment, all members of Tanigawa family made a gesture of contempt to Klinick with the middle finger of their left hand.
Hans knows a little bit about Li Zhihong’s strength. He couldn’t help but ask Ningma, "Will there be such an ending? Is this really Li Zhihong who fell to the ground? "
Ningma nodded and said, "Mr. Hans Li Zhihong seems to have been ruined by that man just now. The person who played with him just now is the most terrible person in Dongyang."
Blood spirit continues to provoke Ames to laugh and say, "Klinnick, you won’t let this duel end so anticlimactic, will you?" Wrong novel network many words "
Klinnick looked at Hans with a "color" livid face, ignoring the blood spirit and satirizing Dongyang people’s strength, instead of trying it out, he let his own side wreck a general.
Hans said sullenly to one of the nine giants around him, "Rodriguez!"
The one among the nine giants took a big step forward and gave Hans a standard Ames military salute. In a gruff voice, he said, "General, you have orders!"
Hans, the deputy defense minister of China, Asia and the United States, holds the rank of lieutenant general in the military. He said coldly, "I need you to take action to teach those who are arrogant and arrogant. Dongyang human strength is the most powerful force! I hope you won’t let me down. "
Rodriguez’s cold face has no life at all. He said coldly, "General Pavilion, we are the most powerful enemy fighters in the world, and I will definitely satisfy you!"
He said and turned to the Tanigawa family camp about ten meters apart, and stopped at the footsteps of the blood spirit and others, holding out their right index finger and making a gesture of coming over and dying.
Now Zongming is no longer "fuck" his heart. He is leisurely in the Tanigawa family camp and has a relaxed look. He and Inoue Shouhang are discussing it.
Of course, there is no reason for the leader of the blood spirit to lose his identity and take it personally for the first time with the Ames.
According to the established strategy, the four masters will play the first battle on behalf of the Tanikawa family.
Rodriguez has an extra pair of feet-long triangular army thorns in his hands. The sashimi is black and shiny. I don’t know if it is made of materials. The three long blood grooves are like three demon blood mouths. You can see at a glance that once it is stabbed, the human body will bleed to death.
The biochemical transformation warrior of Ames Empire transformed human genes through biochemical technology, strengthened human cell structure, and made muscles and bones extremely strong, which made ordinary people imagine that there was once a transformation warrior, showing that Ames was strong. In a black market boxing match, all the fighters were killed by one hand, and none of them were recruited by him. After the game, the transformation warrior kicked a stainless steel tube with a diameter of 30 cm at the four corners of the stadium in front of all media cameras, as if it were cut by a sharp weapon.