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With the increasing number of mountain-cutting mecha, it has become a federal very regulated mecha model, and there are also super-class mecha in the western theater who apply for mountain-cutting mecha.

Suokaidilin is very familiar with the performance data of mountain cutting.
As before, although he didn’t want to answer, he had to answer.
"260 kilometers per hour"
Ji Xinghe asked again, "What’s your top speed?"
"About 275"
"Su Chuanyun, Andre, left hand, deaf, lame"
Ji Xinghe suddenly shouted five names and then directly ordered "290 per hour" in front of ten thousand people.
Five people agree with each other and then control their mountain-cutting mecha to accelerate. When many people still come and don’t switch perspectives, their speed has soared.
Mecha soldiers have various information display bases in their viewing angles, which are the same as those that Ji Xinghe and others can see.
The dial pointer representing the running speed easily crossed the design limit of 260, and then the speed visible to the naked eye continued to climb 3.
Ten thousand mecha gradually shortness of breath in the pointer for two hundred and ninety.
One second, two seconds.
People stare big eyes and wait for the occasional explosion of speed, which may be caused by terrain and other reasons, but when they see that the five mountain-cutting mecha of the teaching team have maintained a stable speed of 290 for one minute,
Everyone was shocked, and most of them thought of one thing. It was the first time for the teaching team to come to the War Mark Canyon. They were not familiar with the terrain of the War Mark Canyon, and even with the navigation map, it was difficult to ensure that they knew every pothole terrain change.
What does this mean?
Means that the highest design speed is two hundred and sixty to cut the mountain level mecha they absolutely can drive more than two hundred and ninety per hour.
Just now, Kaidilin, the strongest mecha in the former western theater, personally said that he could reach about 275 per hour.
The gap … Isn’t it a little too big?
Good blind people have been promoted to ace mecha, otherwise Kaidilin would have lost face today.
Even so, in the headquarters, his face turned rosy.
"I can do it when I am familiar with cutting mountains."
Meaning I don’t
Chose a little direct Ji Xinghe slightly harsh voice asked again.
"Harris’s exclusive mecha is almost the same as yours. What do you think his top speed is?"
Almost the same?
My mecha has a nuclear reactor. Does he?
Kaidilin doesn’t feel angry in his heart, but he also knows that Ji Xinghe is telling the truth. Although Harris mecha still makes the nuclear fuel pool energy device distinguishable, it mainly reflects the endurance, and the speed of the mecha increases very little for explosive power, but also takes into account the endurance of the fuselage and so on.
There is really not much difference in it.
These two mecha are made in Eagle Island. Harris is expected to compete with Kaidilin for the title of the strongest mecha in Eagle Island. Of course, both of them must be the best mecha in Eagle Island.
At present, the best mecha in Yingzhou is Kaidilin driving this plane, and the personnel directly follow the gourd painting gourd ladle, except for some designs that conform to Harris’ driving habits, the base has not changed.
Since the mecha are almost the same, it sounds like there is nothing wrong with asking this question.
But for Kaidilin, this question is really insulting.
How long has he been driving this mecha? Not to mention that he had been driving for more than three months before upgrading to the latest. How long did it take Harris to get this mecha?
Ten Days
So he didn’t answer Ji Xinghe’s question but called him by his first name.
"Ji Xinghe, what are you trying to say?"
The atmosphere of the communication channel was suddenly tense. Based on the tens of thousands of mecha watching the war, there was a feeling that it was going to spread throughout the western theater.
Many people have the same doubts as Kaidilin, even some of the same anger.
Yes, you are really good at driving Xinghe, but is it necessary for you to be so aggressive when you first come to our war zone?
It’s not like our new commander, the new commander, is there something new to play with?
Ji Xinghe, on the other hand, seems to have never felt this tension, and his tone is the same as before.
"show show"
After a short conversation, Harris mecha soared in speed and broke away from the teaching squad formation.
It was not until then that people noticed that Su Chuanyun and others had just soared to 290 per hour, and they still maintained a super-high speed of 290.
A large number of mecha switched their views to Harris, so they saw the rapid climbing speedometer.
Unlike Su Chuanyun and others, the Harris speedometer is composed of pure numbers.
At that time, the speed stopped for 353 years, and many mecha inquired about the information, that is, the top speed of Kaidilin.
Although the mecha is not a racing car, the comprehensive performance can’t be seen by the driver’s strength at the top speed, nor can it be seen by the top speed.
But this is indeed a proof of strength and weakness.
Some people know the answer without looking it up, and their faces are shocked. These people include Kaidilin herself.
When he was silent by shock, Ji Xinghe was not silent.