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Perhaps because Ji Xinghe moves too fast, they are locked from the root, perhaps because Ji Xinghe’s position at this time is already above the imperial transition base.

But no matter if more than two thousand imperial mecha group intercept, even if they are almost all conventional imperial standard mecha, it is difficult for them to rush as fast as before with three prince Jia Ji Xinghe.
Although he has the ability to discharge his armor, he is in a state of absorbing the energy of the sacred crystal at this time, but he is not in a state of exhaustion of energy and can move like an armband. It is very difficult to establish a state of balance. If it is broken because he wants to kill these conventional imperial mecha, he may really die in the battlefield.
So his choice is
"Shoot me!"
Being in the individual exoskeleton armor, Ji Xinghe ordered that he had already hit a prince’s armor cockpit door, and the gorilla was still alive, but when the cockpit door was hit, its fate was already doomed. The strength of the third section and the orangutan’s strong body did not help it fight back. It failed to complete the real counterattack and was already punched in the head by Ji Xinghe.
When the flesh and blood and brains just touched the cockpit bulkhead, its body was already thrown out by Ji Xinghe.
At the same time, the other two were manipulated by Ji Xinghe’s way of controlling armor, and Prince A was posted in tandem. At this time, Prince A’s side rushed over like an ant colony. The imperial mecha didn’t want to fight, which means that his arms folded and Ji Xinghe’s posture was completed. Hand in hand in the encirclement of two Prince A.
When the three Prince A were connected into an organic whole, they had already received Ji Xinghe’s command, and the gods mountain command, An Yang TEDA, had the same but different command as Ji Xinghe’s command.
"General Ji Xinghe’s goal is fire!"
Hundreds of short-and medium-range missiles took off from various federal launching units in the Shenshan theater, dragging their tails for more than ten seconds, tens of seconds and minutes, and crossed dozens of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers and thousands of kilometers, all of which hit the target accurately at the coordinates of Xinghe at this time.
Correspondingly, the empire has already started the anti-missile system and launched thousands of interceptor missiles, and it has all kinds of interceptor weapons.
This is a scene that makes everyone look very inconsistent. Instead, the federal Ji Xinghe will spare no effort to protect the target empire. However, at this time, the dust storm can still cover the sun, so people can’t clearly see this scene, and all people don’t know what to say through various screen icons.
What’s more, everyone doesn’t know that it is the God Mountain Command that launched the target missile of Ji Xinghe based on Ji Xinghe’s command. When the fire broke out, the Nantianmen Command also launched a nuclear strike against Ji Xinghe’s target based on Ji Xinghe’s command.
Dongfeng-11 is known as the strategic nuclear missile of Langjinus gun.
Although one was launched, the alien atmospheric environment can still maintain a super speed of more than Mach 30, which makes it impossible for all the anti-missile weapons of the empire to intercept successfully, especially when the headquarters of the Gods Mountain is on fire.
Although one missile has been launched, it has a nuclear warhead with an equivalent of 100 thousand tons, but it has far more than hundreds of missiles with conventional warheads, which can cause damage in fire
Although one was launched, when more than 2,000 Imperial Mechs tried to prevent Ji Xinghe from penetrating the extremely dense formation from their interception formation, they all became living targets.
The harsh fireball instantly expanded more than a kilometer radius and squeezed together. The conventional imperial mecha were like fish in the blue star sea and were suddenly swallowed by Zhang Jukou whales.
It is equivalent to having three Wang Zijia protective barriers. Although Ji Xinghe is in the relative center of the nuclear explosion, he is not hurt, because it is impossible for his target to strike accurately based on his coordinates in Nantianmen.
After calculation, the strike distance makes the three Wang Zijia controlled by Ji Xinghe not need to withstand the ultra-high temperature of the fireball center area during the nuclear explosion. Even the shock wave generated by the nuclear explosion is somewhat uneventful because of the shielding of a large number of imperial mecha.
From this point of view, the empire really seems to be trying to protect Ji Xinghe.
More than two thousand imperial mecha intercepted this nuclear strike, and the ability to maintain mobility was less than twenty-one. Even if the orangutans in the Chinese empire could maintain a certain mobility, they might not be able to drive the mecha to intercept Ji Xinghe again.
After the nuclear explosion, Ji Xinghe came out of the cockpit of Wang Zijia before it dissipated. He didn’t see the picture he wanted to see.
Although there is a crater like a lake in the earth, there is no scarlet metal at the bottom of the crater, but hematite in alien dust soil is melted by ultra-high temperature and condensed into crystals by liquid metal dust.
Is it because his position at this time is not at the top of the imperial transition base or because the imperial transition base is deeper, this 100,000-ton equivalent nuclear weapon has not been peeled off?
Ji Xinghe didn’t stop moving because of a short thought. He came out of the cockpit of Wang Zijia and charged again with three Wang Zijia.
The Federation has made a relatively accurate analysis of the entrance and exit of the imperial transition base in Shenshen Mountain, especially after a victory, if it is not because of the dust storm, when a battle is won, the Federation can directly and accurately compress the imperial occupied area with the help of ground control forces, and the coordinates of the entrance and exit of the transition base are less.
At this time, the target of Ji Xinghe’s charge is that the federal government obtains the area of the entrance and exit based on a comprehensive analysis of all kinds of information, including reconnaissance in the middle and reconnaissance on the ground.
Similar to the empire, the coordinates of the federal base 6 were accurately limited to two to three kilometers.
Ji Xinghe’s choice of the first reconnaissance area is also accurate to a range of two to three kilometers. Although the theory is bound to build a lot of entrances and exits, most of them can be temporarily blocked, so that the Federation can get the exact coordinates of the real entrances and exits like a shrinking turtle.
But when the federal dispatch is Ji Xinghe, the turtle lock has little practical significance
At this time, the headquarters of Gods Mountain and the headquarters of the worse gate have lost direct communication with Ji Xinghe because of the nuclear attack, but all kinds of reconnaissance units that have devoted themselves to the theater of Gods Mountain at any cost are able to bring Ji Xinghe back with the impact of the nuclear explosion.
People in the command organization breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Ji Xinghe rushing out of the main area of nuclear explosion. Although the Nantianmen Command had a very precise calculation when it launched a nuclear attack, it was not afraid of 10 thousand, but it was just in case.
It’s good that Ji Xinghe is still charging.
Knowing the intelligence command organization, Ji Xinghe’s real charge sample was given to people who were waiting for a nuclear strike in various defensive fortifications.
Although these people heard Ji Xinghe’s orders and saw Ji Xinghe’s charge, how many people really believe that I don’t know how many times Ji Xinghe really ordered the federal nuclear warhead weapons to fire at him?
When the facts were in front of us and Ji Xinghe continued to charge, people were silent whether they believed or not.
Will anyone secretly complain that Ji Xinghe forced a decisive battle and everyone had to bear the risk of a nuclear strike?
It doesn’t matter whether you have it or not. What matters is that Ji Xinghe is still charging.