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Gwen was in a hurry and said to Leslie, "Didn’t you say that Uncle Louis won’t go back to new york today?"

"Yes!" Lilith also said with some incomprehension, "I called earlier today and said that I wouldn’t be back until tomorrow. I also asked that Jack to send me 200 dollars and told me to buy food myself."
To be honest, getting along with Mark during this period doesn’t conform to the image of father in Leslie’s mind at all.
But one thing Lilith can feel is that Mark has given her the fatherly love she needs …
"Stop it!" Skye frowned and looked down at Gwen and Leslie, then looked at Peter and asked, "Are you sure the lizard man with the Brooklyn Bridge is Professor Connors?"
Peter whispered thank you to Gwen who helped him disinfect, nodded and said, "I’m sure."
Skye rapped on the keyboard with both hands and said, "I hacked into the monitoring system of all districts and streets in new york and edited a program to look for Professor Connors, but I found nothing!"
"… what do you mean?" Gwen and Riley looked up and asked curiously!
Skye frowned and said, "Either this Professor Connors has left new york or he is still hiding in the tunnel that Peter said!"
All "…"
Chapter 129 The truth behind superheroes
In half an hour!
Mark wiped his face in the sitting room.
I glanced at a picture published in official website, new york Times!
Lizards make a scene. Is Brooklyn Bridge a mutant or a genetic mutation …
Mark felt that he was less than three days away from new york. How did he enter the Spider-Man plot era?
Mad, this is bullshit!
Looking at the high-definition photos of the Horn Daily in official website, catching up with 4K Spider-Man.
I don’t even think it must be that high school student posing to earn a living or money.
Knock, knock, knock
Mark turned his head and glanced at the pretty girl who appeared at the door and smiled!
Lailisi rubbed her little hand awkwardly and came in with a flattering smile!
Mark didn’t speak
The bottle of red wine in the sink was brought back by Mark from a famous French villa in 1995 …
Lailisi walked over to Mark and looked at the brain display screen, which was clearer than Spider-Man’s photo. Then she said, "I can explain …"
Mark dropped his browser and turned the chair to face Lilith. "I listen …"
"… well, it’s hard to explain!" Lilith clapped her hands in an instant and said falteringly, "Peter is always a good man. You can’t arrest him!" "
Mark couldn’t help glancing at Riley.
At the moment, I can’t wait to throw Peter, who doesn’t know yet, into the Pacific Ocean to feed sharks.
Hooking up counts as growing up. Gwen doesn’t count.