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His goal is that the cars will blow up this propaganda car, so the J and Qi ā ng hands in the team can pour these large-caliber Yan Yao into these zombie heads and then tear a hole.

Vehicles can also easily pass through this crossing.
But at this time, this mercenary named Sam suddenly burst into a blood flower in his head, and then the whole person tilted and fell out of the car.
make a din
The rocket launcher was triggered in the process of falling, and a high-explosive rocket flew towards an off-road vehicle next to it.
Blow up the whole car and be blown off by rockets.
“hn! ! !” The mercenary in his car gave a desperate cry.
"Bacai Baka, are you okay? Please answer Bacai Baka when you hear it. "The whole communication system calls a name, but there is no response.
"Damn it, there’s a sniper near here," shouted Brady’s communication system. "Everybody take cover."
All mercenaries are so frightened that they hide their bodies on the deck of armored vehicles, and even the top of the car, J and Qi ā ng, hold down their hands and shrink themselves behind a thick armor plate.
At this time, Lin Ying, hiding in an abandoned building in the distance, asked the cannon fodder armor around him, "Have we arranged snipers?"
Lin Ying is surrounded by a group of people who are all fighters in the team, such as cannon fodder trio, Yang Bo people group, Sun Tiecheng and his comrades-in-arms, rhubarb five group, Li Xin and his team. Are there any women and children who are capable of fighting here?
Cannonball armor scratched his scalp and replied, "No, we shot badly. It’s me. They are all here now. Others are not so accurate."
Lin Ying, the best marksmanship in their team is Sun Tiecheng. They came from a military background and received formal military training. Compared with others, shooting is almost day by day.
Plus, some of them are awake and have the ability to shoot, which is almost accurate.
At this time, Sun Tiecheng was staying at Lin Ying’s side with a face of stupidity.
Lin Ying looked at the mercenary face in the distance with a smile. "It seems that the game is getting more and more interesting with the participation of a third party."
At this moment, Sun Tiecheng suddenly pointed to a mountain in the distance, Bao Dao, "Look at that sniper."
They looked in the direction of his fingers and found that a man in auspicious clothes was carrying a sniper. After a few seconds, he moved quickly and disappeared into the grass.
Looking at each other’s skills, everyone has a feeling that this is an old hand with particularly rich battlefield experience.
Lin Ying said to the people around him, "Attention, everyone. This person doesn’t know whether he is an enemy or a friend yet. We should be careful that he shoots the sniper."
Then Lin Ying turned to the mouse king and ordered, "The mouse king asked your younger brothers to scout around and see if anyone else was hiding around the battlefield."
The mouse king ordered that the four Zhou Xiaodi who were hidden be sent out immediately.
This is grass and wilderness, and mice have great advantages in moving in front of them.
The little mice avoided the zombie grass and moved quickly to find the sniper.
It didn’t take long for the mice to feedback that the sniper had disappeared and no one could find him around.
This surprised everyone. They were surprised to see the sniper disappear near there, and now the sniper can’t be found.
If you can’t find each other’s forest shadow, let the mice hide nearby and keep an eye on the sniper at any time.
At the same time, Lin Ying asked the mice to monitor around to see if there was anyone else.
Mercenaries were killed, one SUV was blown up, and one suffered a very sad experience.
Pushing a car ahead, zombies are moving closer. Some speed zombies are ready to move closer and then attack mercenaries.
{End of chapter}
Chapter 59 Scar
Brady looked at the zombie coming at him and immediately risked being killed on the roof.
Brady looked around and pointed in one direction. "Go that way, there are fewer zombies."
All mercenaries immediately turned around and headed in Brady’s direction.
Looking at Lin Ying, a mercenary fleeing by car, he laughed. "Ha ha ha, these stupid people don’t understand a word? How dare you retreat from there and let’s watch the fun?"
Everyone immediately came from the roof and climbed up a big truck.
Lin Ying started the van and then headed for the mercenaries to leave the place.
Lin Ying, of course, they didn’t advance in zombies, but on the edge of zombies.
Most zombies in this road are controlled by Erha, and the zombie base has not caused any impact on Lin Ying and them.
Soon Lin Ying and them came to a hill and saw the mercenaries fleeing all the way to the front into a forest.
Seeing mercenaries entering the forest cannon fodder haha laughed. "Ha ha ha, these fools actually entered the forest. Well, it’s time for vines to work. After these fools enter the forest, their off-road vehicles will be scrapped."
Lin Ying stopped after they came here to look at the direction of the Woods.
Fierce fighting broke out as soon as the mercenaries rushed into the forest.
The whole forest is full of mercenaries and zombies, and the noise is very loud
All the zombies around were attracted by their movements and ran past.
At this time, Lin Ying looked at the top of their truck in the direction of the city.
In that direction, they saw a figure running, and a large group of zombies were chasing the man behind him.
As he ran, the man waved a bloody shirt and shouted, "Come after me, grandchildren! Come after me!"
When I heard this name Lin Ying, I knew it was that idiot of Qing Muyang.
Qing Muyang ran to the edge of the forest and immediately hung the bloody clothes on the branches and then disappeared.
Those zombies who came after me pounced on the bloodstained garment, tore it to pieces and licked the fragments.
But at this time, the fighting in the Woods was fierce, and Xie Youfen was assigned to the bloody clothes and the zombies rushed to the Woods.
Mercenaries roared in despair in this forest.
Hearing each other’s heartbreaking roar, Lin Ying shriveled and pouted at everyone around him, saying, "Well, we’ve seen enough drama here. We should go back and watch the drama in the camp."
They all smell speech and look weird, and then they all sit in the car bucket and wait for this Lin Ying car to pull them back.
Lin Ying drove slowly to the base and acted unhurriedly.
At this time, Lin Ying, they stayed in the camp and it was still quiet.