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"You will make some progress after a thousand years. I didn’t expect that you would dare to talk big before the reconstruction of the holy road."

Laughing wantonly suddenly came out from the center of the destructive airflow, and spread in all directions, almost ringing through most of the ancient world!
"A heavy holy way? How can the holy road be heavy? Gu Qing, after practicing for a thousand years, he is still a sacred road! "
"Oh my god, the holy way is triple. How can this be beaten? At that time, when Qing Di Shengdao reached its peak, it had beaten Guqing to death and was almost completely killed. Now Qing Di has been promoted to Shengdao Triple Guqing in one breath, and he can still be Qing Di’s opponent! "
"It’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s over, it’s all gone."
Full of panic sounds, all the immortal emperor masters will be submerged. At this moment, no immortal emperor master can remain calm!
"GuQing you are not self-reliance sheltered by heaven world? Today, I want to see what tricks the laws of heaven can conjure up before this absolute strength gap to save you. Now give me a complete end! "
A huge world appears in the virtual shadow sky!
At this moment, he is completely pressing his fairy country as a weapon!
"Qing Di, I said that you are my demon, and now I will let you see the achievements of my practice in the past 1000 years!"
Gu Qing looked at Qing Di suddenly in the void as if he didn’t feel the high power from Fairy Country, full of artistic conception, and his eyes shot directly into the depths of Qing Di’s mind!
When his consciousness blasted into the depths of Qing Di’s mind, a long-lost familiarity suddenly came to Qing Di from the depths of his soul … rather, it should be that the long-lost familiarity of his flesh filled his limbs in an instant …
The third volume The stars gather together. Three hundred and forty-two Back to the heart of Tao.
Take the house!
In an instant, the ancient green spirit and ideas fled along the Yuan God and constantly poured into every corner of the body!
This body is inherited from the world of heaven, but it is born with the brand of heaven. Even if Qing Di has the greatest magical power, he can give full play to the 99% power of this body. Before the complete collapse of heaven, the fit will never reach 100%. Previously, the brand of heaven in the body was revealed by the overwhelming magical power of Qing Di, but now with the invasion of the ancient green consciousness, the feeling of belonging suddenly revived, and the whole body quickly fell into the grasp of ancient green …
"What the hell are you, dare to rob me of something that belongs to me in Qing Di? Don’t say it’s you, even if it’s heaven, you can’t take it from me. If you don’t come in and die yourself, I’ll have to solve it. But now you’re trying to find your own way into my body. Let me send you the last journey to suppress the evil spirits in all directions, retreat and annihilate all souls!"
Qing Di a roar loud and fighting spirit is rising, a huge statue of one mind and one mind, a virtual shadow, suddenly appeared in the sea of ancient knowledge!
To show a single mind, he came to counter the enemy’s weakness against the strong, but at this moment, when he showed up in the depths of the sea, he immediately suppressed the ancient Qing consciousness with thunderous power!
Violent rumbling of Guqing consciousness spread to his whole soul, like being bombarded by purple night thunder, violently shaking that powerful force that he can’t compete with at the root, rolling and endless, almost killing his mental consciousness completely!
"I mean, everything is true, everything is true, I mean, everything in Huan Tian is illusory, and you can’t move your mind!"
Gu Qing’s eyes were fixed on the huge virtual shadow of indomitable spirit above his head, as if the old tree took root and deeply extended to the body, and every corner of the body was closely connected with the body.
A body can be created almost at any time for practitioners of Sendao realm!
But now Gu Qing and Qing Di are in a struggle between body and mind. Whoever can finally get control of the body is equal to the real body. If Qing Di is re-occupied by Gu Qing, his mind will be broken immediately and he will fall to an unprecedented low point, and his body will be degraded by a high and powerful emperor who can prove that heaven and heaven are broken.
Although it is a very strong demon, but the mood is damaged, I can no longer hope to prove it.
"You cling to the flesh, so I won’t accept you? This flesh has been thoroughly refined by my hands over the years. I know every bone, every meridian and every cell clearly. Even if you hide in a secret place, you won’t escape my exploration. Now give me a heart and soul. Destroy it completely!"
Qing Di spoke to suppress the huge virtual shadow like a god above Guqing’s head. Suddenly, hands in the air slapped Guqing directly, and the whole heaven, earth and spiritual world were completely blocked. Guqing had to condense his spiritual consciousness and concentrate on the positive impact of environmental forces.